Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Works for Me Wednesday: Thieves Cleaner

I was a horrible chore helper to my mother as a child.  I'll be honest: a huge part of that had to do with laziness or wanting to keep my nose in a book.  But, a part of it truly had to do with the smell of the cleaning supplies.  I hated the smell and always wound up with a headache after being around them.  That's held true as I've grown, and it's not a secret that I'll put off housework until the last possible moment because I dread the smell of the chemicals in the cleaners.

Enter Young Living Thieves Cleaner.  I have been a fan of Thieves Essential Oil for several months now, and when I finally broke down and ordered the cleaner, I quickly became hooked!  The natural scents of pure clove, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary are comforting to me, and I think it's all kinds of fun that this is now what's cleaning my house.  According to Young Living's website, I know use plant and mineral material to clean my kitchen, wood counter, granite, floors, bathrooms, windows, and mirrors.  I've traded several cleaning supplies for just one bottle of Thieves Cleaner.  I have 3 spray bottles that I've diluted to different ratios for bathroom, kitchen, and glass cleaning.  This one bottle is lasting for months and is actually saving us money, not to mention cabinet space.  Woohoo!

Man Cub is totally going to be toting around a bottle of cleaner and a cleaning cloth as soon as he starts toddling around the house.  I don't have to worry about him helping me and learning to have fun while cleaning without a headache because there's nothing in the diluted Thieves Cleaner that could hurt him.   And we all know that Mom needs a helper in any home!

In the quest of staying honest, I still use Windex on our car windows.  They are tinted, and the lemon oil can break up the plastic tinting film on the car windows.  Also, toilets are gross.  Let's just be real here.  So, my disposable toilet cleaning wand is still my friend there.  Ha. 

Thieves Cleaner works for me!  Let me know if you want to know how to acquire your own bottle.

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