Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

Oh, this week was not the kick in the butt that I was dreading.  While I despise every bit of leaving my baby to be at work, I do enjoy my time at work because I love teaching and the staff at my school. And a chunk of my students decided to wear all the maroon they could to school on Monday to welcome me back in full Aggie style.  They're bold and brave considering Saturday's awful loss.  The kids and I have had a lot of fun this week. Still, I'll be glad when God says this season is over, and He lets me stay home.  Now, on to the fun stuff.  Just a warning, it's all family related this week.  ;)

ONE: Man Cub has finally decided he likes a carrier other than the sling.  Of course he does this when I'm back at work.  This is what kids do...exasperate their parents.  Isaac is thoroughly enjoying this new carrier loving baby, and they've gone out for all kinds of fun things each day this week.

TWO: These two will be together during the day for 5 more work weeks.  Um, adorbs.  I mean, seriously.  Man time is in full swing while Isaac takes vacation to make my transition back to work easier on me.  It's such a treat for all of us.

THREE: These two own my heart.  Precious fur babies love their mommy, and they are not too fond of me being back at work.  It appears the transition is hardest on them.  They wait in my chair for me each morning for me to join them for my quiet time and nursing or pumping session.  The mornings when Man Cub has been awake and the guys have taken me to school, the pups are in the car too, clinging to me til I get out of the car.  The whimpers and excitement when I get home are so sweet.  Their cuddles will always be some of my favorite things.

FOUR: My parents are home!!!!  After being in French Polynesia for nearly 3 weeks, they made it home safe and tan late Tuesday night.  We've been with them every day since, and that will continue through the weekend.  Oh, be still my heart.  I love that they get to travel, but I can't stand when they're gone for so long, especially with no cell phone coverage.  Why can't they ever pick places like Zambia where we can still talk?! :)

FIVE: Mom brought me back a bottle of Monoi oil to use on Man Cub and me.  It's pure coconut oil steeped with the tiare gardenia flower, the national flower.  It smells divine.  Apparently both oils are great for the skin and hair too.  I'm just barely doling out the oil because I want it to last as long as possible.  Mom said all the mommas in Tahiti were putting it on their babies each day. That just makes an already irresistible baby all the more appealing!!
What are you loving this week?

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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Love it. I cannot wait to see my hubs wearing the baby! Xx

The Lady Okie said...

Hopefully you working is only for a season, but I love your attitude about it while it lasts. Love the baby sling!

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