Thursday, October 30, 2014

October BarkBox

This month's BarkBox was all about Fall and Halloween fun and flavors.  My two furbabies love all things pumpkin and apple and meat, so this box was quite the treat!

Heartland Premium Weasand Strips ($3) 100% pure Nebraskan cow gullet. Beef.  It's what's for pup snacking.  Yum for them...sounds gross to me.  ;)

Max and Ruffy's Pumpkin Patch Bites ($5.25) We love Max and Ruffy's, and we love pumpkin, so boom.  We're happy campers around here.  Organic, no GMO crud, and gentle on sweet Bailey's tummy.  Tasty to him too.  

American Dog Toys Flash and Glow Ball ($7.99): Come next week, it'll be dark so early around here.  We've been saving this ball for Aggie Belle to have something fun for outside when it's still early but too dark to see her racquet ball.  Love this idea!

Snicky Snaks Cinnamon Crunch Bar ($3.13) The dogs always see us eating granola bars, so why can't they have one of their own?  All American sourced ingredients make this treat a winner.

Snoggz RIP Van Fetcher ($14): I'm not a fan of this toy for two reasons.  1) It's fake scented, and I can't stand fake scents.  Nasty, nasty chemicals give me horrid headaches.  If only folks realized how much fake scents cause their migraines!  2) It's scary looking and we don't do scary type stuff in this house.  Yuck.

Hare of the Dog Rabbit Jerky Stick ($3): More American jerky for a chewy, yummy treat.  These are always a winner!

Bailey approves of this BarkBox!

Total value: $36.37.  We pay $19.  We get asked sometimes why we buy a treat box for our dogs when there are starving kids in our city.  Well, the want a snack and play time during the day.  We could go to Walmart and buy toys and treats there, but we'd pay a lot more than $19 a month if we did.  We've tried.  BarkBox sends us things at such a discount.  And, everything is made in America, so it helps support American companies where as so much of the pet store/box store items aren't made here.  I know that's not a full justification, but we're at peace with this decision. 

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