Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

I loved that this weekend was all about us being together.  Friday night we got all gussied up for the Living Water International Gala.  The evening set the tone with a beautiful weekend!

Saturday was full of football disappointment for so many.  We were part of the 'many'.  Oh, Aggies.  Man Cub still looked cute though!
The weather was beautiful on Saturday, and we ran a bunch of errands.  I wanted us out of the house, but the mosquitoes are so bad that we can only enjoy the outdoors for short bursts.  Running errands had to be our happy middle for now.

Yesterday, I was so excited to put Man Cub in one of the Tot-N-Teen outfits my mom had bought for him that now finally fits.  He looked adorable:
I mean, who wouldn't want this kid?!  Anyway, we were halfway to church when the poor guy had a massive diaper blowout.  Le sigh.  It's tough to bust poo through a onesie and a corduroy romper, but the sweet thing did.  It took both of us to get him cleaned up and changed in the car before heading inside for church.  He had just wear the spare onesie in that was in the diaper bag.  Thank goodness Jesus cares more about our hearts than our clothes!  :)

We had fun with Layla too!  She LOVES babies, and I think she was totally stoked that she had a baby for a whole weekend.  I never could get a picture with both of them still, but this gets the gist across:

Last night Isaac and I held an informational about our mission trip to Zambia this summer.  There's room for 10 gals and 6 guys on the trip, and if all commit, we're at 4 guys and 9 gals!  WOW!  God is going to be doing great things for His glory with this group, I just know it!  What a fabulous way to start the week!

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