Friday, July 31, 2009

Three Week Unplug Challenge

In three weeks, the kiddos come back to school. I'm dreading the answer to the 'what did you do this summer?' question. It's always the same: Watched TV and played video games. Less face reality: there is very, very little on TV anymore appropriate for anyone under 10. Even the cartoons are shady these days. For my 6th graders, there is some programming ethical enough for them, but not much. Sadly, Disney Channel isn't even safe anymore most of the time. What happened?! Shoot, there are only 3 shows I watch faithfully, and they're honestly down right trash. I really should cut them out of my life. But, that's why I love summer...there are no new episodes, so I get the shows out of my system, so maybe I'll be the one unplugging this fall.

Oh how I wish I could challenge the parents of my students, and any parents, to engage with their children the next three weeks. I'd love to suggest to them to unplug that bloody TV and video game system. When the kiddos ask to watch or play, go on a walk instead. Teach them to love those around you by praying for the neighbors as you pass each house. Introduce yourselves to those that you don't know or haven't seen in ages. Or go swimming. Take a trip to the library, find some story books, cuddle up in those big pillows and read for a while. Find a swing set and see who can go the highest. Have a conversation about their fears and excitements of the new school year. Ride bikes together. Get a bucket of chalk, and, together, turn the driveway into a canvas. Run through the sprinklers (we're all having to use them lately anyway...why not enjoy them?). Blow bubbles. Put on some oldies and have a dance party in the living room. Write letters to family members and then mail them. Look through pictures from when the parents were children. Share how you became a Christian, and tell your kids your favorite Bible verses, and why they're your favorites. Make homemade ice cream (there are lots of recipes that don't call for an ice cream freezer). Play with your pets. Talk about the Bible story from Sunday school, and how it's relevant for a kid that's 4 or 10 or whatever age. Get a couple of coloring books and crayons, and color away! Fly a kite. Cook a meal together. Better yet, cook extras and together take it to someone in need.

Anyway, if I could, that's what I'd tell the parents of my kids. Enjoy the next three weeks with your kiddos. They grow up way to0 fast to sit in front of the TV all the time.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Our new house was built in 1973. That means the insulation in the attic is old, at least for insulation. And it's also settled a lot in three and a half decades, reducing the amount of insulation to around 3 inches. That is no where near the suggested 12-16 inches for Houston's climate. Thankfully, when we told our land lord that the ceiling temperatures via the infared thermometer were roughly 88-90 degrees, he agreed to pay for new insulation. Saturday, Isaac and our friend Jeff and Tim blew 40 bags of earth friendly, 85% recycled material insulation into our attic. Within hours, the ceiling temperature was down to 78-79 degrees, right where it should be. Our electric bill will rejoice!

Jeff and Tim: Isaac owes you!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Apollo 11 Celebration

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the splashdown of Apollo 11. In true JSC community style, they hosted a big bash to commerate the big event. The program boasted hot dogs (the Apollo astronauts favorite food, as it was one of few that tasted 'normal') and moon pies, with speeches from several Apollo 11 engineers, new administrator Charlie Bolden, and the first two men on the moon.

The ceremony began at 7:00, so we arrived at 6:20, thinking we'd be plenty early. This was the scene we saw upon arrival:
If you look close, you'll see Space Center Houston way in the back left.

This was the line behind us, stretching all the way to Saturn Lane.

It was a pleasant evening, and we honestly didn't stand outside very long. Sadly, there was no way we had made it early enough to actually get a seat, so we stood during the speeches. It was worth every second of standing though!
Gene Kranz, my hero.

My camera didn't want to take this picture at all, but from left to right: Glynn Lunney, Gene Kranz, Chris Kraft, Gerald Griffin, and George Abbey. Five awesome men!

Neil Armstrong

Buzz Aldrin (the man should run for president...he's got some fab ideas!)
We also enjoyed yummy chili dogs and moon pies and listened to the Rockit Scientists band, which is composed of astronauts.
Isaac 'landed' the shuttle.

Here's to going back soon and then on to Mars!!


I don't care for shoes much, and I really HATE purses. In my book, they rank right up there with snakes and wasps and mosquitos. I love to be barefoot, and my theory has always been that if it didn't fit in my pocket, I don't need it with me. However, every now and then a pair of shoes will strike my fancy, and give me happy feet. About 14 months ago, this happened when I discovered Sperrys. I think they're just adorable, not to mention super comfy. Sadly, a typical pair of Sperrys at Dillards runs close to $100, and online they are even more expensive. Despite their lure, I've refused to buy them until they went on sale. I was beginning to think Sperrys never went on sale, but I'm happy to report they only rarely go on sale! I found them this week greatly reduced at Dillards, and now they are mine! My feet are in love; they're very, very happy feet!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fear of Adoption

Follow this link to Show Hope's newest blog post. It gives some good insight to how we allow fear to keep us from receiving God's blessings.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Answered Prayers!

Let's just be honest. Anyone getting married younger than 25 is probably going to be starting out in the 'broke' category. It's not permanent, but it takes a bit to get the financial ball rolling, especially when one spouse-to-be doesn't get his first ever full time pay check for at least another 10 days.

However, I've been proud of us. I saved and saved during the spring, knowing I'd be the one making the deposit and first month's rent on whatever place we chose to live. I've been able to meet my other financial obligations (school loan and truck loan) and even afforded a few SMALL updates to the house we've rented (keep in mind only Isaac is living there currently...we're not crazy!), all without touching a credit card, because frankly, I think credit cards are from Satan, and I refuse to have one. Anyway, budgeting works. That's my point.

So, while the house is awesome, there is basically nothing in it except for our fabulous wedding presents (thank you, everyone!!!), Isaac's bunk/futon from Ohio, and some pretty end tables my friend Kristin sold me. Soon, we'll have bedroom furniture when my things are moved to the house. This is all good, and exciting, and I'm glad I spent high school graduation money on quality furniture because it's turned out to be a very, very good investment.

But, there was still going to be an empty bedroom that we really wanted to turn into a guestroom so friends can come visit. For now, we were resigned to the fact we'd just be blowing up an air mattress if anyone came to see us. Then, last night, God put the pieces together for us! Our neighbors Ron and Karen are moving next week. This is a very sad thing, as we love them, and their dog Skylar is Bailey's girlfriend. But, God had them ask us if we wanted the bed that's been in their guest room! Of course I said yes! Our guest room won't be empty anymore!! The other reason this answers prayers is because it's a super nice mattress (Serta Restonic) that's been slept on maybe a grand total of 30 nights! My mattress is super old, and while in decent shape, doesn't give me the support I need for my back, which has not been my friend lately. So, now I not only have furniture for my guest room, I have a new mattress for me which should help a lot of my back pain go away! It's such a blessing because it would've been months before enough money was saved up for any of this.

I realize none of that is life changing, thrilling news, but it's the little things, people! :) God cares, and for that, I am glad!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Summertime!

I love summer. I get a break from teaching. My alarm goes off, but not at 6:20 am. Bailey and I get lots and lots of time together. The pool and I are able to become reaquainted.

But mostly, I love that there is no dress code! Shorts, t-shirt or tank top, and a pair of flip flops are perfect! There is no one to impress (principals and parents), so make-up is optional. Pony tails rule the roost. I've never been one to want people to like me because of my clothes, so not having to care this time of year makes me just peachy keen. Summer, please stick around a little longer!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day Weekend Extravaganza

Our Independence Day fun started on Thursday when Isaac began making our cake for Friday's cook-out at the Tanners'. Yum!!

On Friday, Isaac decorated the cake. It was so cute. We learned that night just how yummy it was, too! We had a great time swimming at the Tanners with a bunch of church friends, but since we were in the pool the whole time, I didn't take any pictures.

On Saturday evening, we went with Will and Michelle and their friends Mark and Erin to Hermann Park to Miller Outdoor Theater. We had a picnic and listened to the Houston Symphony. I love the symphony! We then got to see a fun firework show.

We all brought our dogs. Bailey was fabulous until the fireworks began. He hates loud noises, poor boy. His daddy held him tight, and he survived it though!

Bailey and Will bonding.

Hi Mom!

Isaac getting some Bella lovin'!

Will, Michelle, and Bella

Family Picture

Our awesome symphony!

Happy Birthday, America!
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