Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Our church usually has a huge fall festival on Halloween, so we aren't normally home for any trick-o-treating.  However, crazy rain caused UBC to cancel the festival, so we geared up for a night of kids and candy at home. 

Our little guy was a Midnight Yell Yell Leader in his little maroon shirt and decked out overalls.  He even had maroon shoes for a finishing touch.  Yes, last year he was a game day Yell Leader, and he even had maroon shoes then.  That's not easy to pull off, but last year they were a gift and this year they were hand-me-downs!

Man Cub had a blast trick-o-treating, once he figured out that we weren't going to drop him off at a stranger's house.  Ha!  That's never happened to him, but he sure wasn't going to let tonight be the night it started, either.  I walked to a few houses with him and Isaac before heading home to set up a little spot in our hay bales to pass out candy.  The dogs would go nuts if I was opening and closing the door all evening, so I camped on the porch to greet the neighbors.  I have no idea how many ghouls and goblins we had, but it was drizzling or full on raining the entire hour I was out.  Both of the huge bags of candy I had were gone, and I give out big handfuls, so my guess is about 30 kids.  Not bad for such a crummy night.  And yes, we pass out puppy treats too. 

Man Cub lasted about 30 minutes with Isaac.  His little orange pumpkin bucket was filled to the brim when he came home, so he did well for himself.  And yes, we'll share the candy with him, but I don't think he'll eat much of it.  Man Cub just isn't a sweet lover.  That excites me and saddens me all at the same time. 

Happy Halloween!  We hope you had a wonderful evening being silly or scary, or a little of both, with those that you love!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Man Cub: 15 Months

Little Chimwemwe,

You have been quite the little sponge this month.  We've watched you blossom in so many ways.  You are incredibly independent while still loving your cuddles.   The puppies are your best buddies, and Daddy is the funniest person on earth in your mind.  We pray each day God captures your heart and uses you for His glory.  We love you!

Your sleep hasn't changed this month.  You still love it, and we're all happy campers.  Keep it up, little dude!
Your eating hasn't changed this month either.  You're just as picky as ever.  If we put something new on your plate, you pick it up and hand it back to us.  Joy.  You won't eve taste new things anymore.  What happened??!?!!

You are getting better about giving real kisses.  You love to hug us and pat our backs as you do.  Adorable.  You point to your belly, ears, and nose.  You can pick out bears, dogs, and girls in books. Like your mommy, you LOVE to read!  Your current favorite is My Goodnight Book, which was Mommy's favorite as a little girl too. You can say ball, block, boo, bubbles, belly, puppy, Daddy, Pop, Bailey, Aggie, thank you, and hi.  You say ' doodle doo' for a rooster, 'roar' for a lion, and 'oo oo' for a gorilla. You enjoy building towers and knocking them down.  Other than books, you're happiest sitting on Mommy's lap playing the piano or being outside running around, especially with the dogs.  You can climb the playground and slide down all by yourself.  Best we can tell, you have 12 teeth with 2 more coming in. 

All the things from you newest tricks, talking gibberish, hugs, kisses, bubbles, baths, feeding the dogs, giving the dogs treats, being with you family, music, and playing, playing, playing!

Veggies, trying new foods, being tired

15 Month Stats:
Weight: 22 pounds
Length:  31 inches
Eating: nursing 7:00 AM, 4:45 PM, and 7:30 PM; breakfast around 7:15, lunch around 11:15, and dinner around 5:30.
Bedtime: between 7:30-7:45
Awake: sometime between 6:45-7:10
Naps: ~12:30-3:00
Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: size 12 months, 12-18 months, and a few 18 months onesies; size 12 months pants/shorts; 12 months, 12-18 months, and a few 18 months rompers.  12-18 months and 18 months pjs.
Shoes: Size 4

Year One:
 Year Two:

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Man Cub and the Greats

Man Cub was a lucky little boy and spent all of Wednesday with Nanny and Dede, his great-grandparents. I was incredibly jealous that he was being spoiled at their house all day while we were at work.  My grandparents' home was my absolute favorite place to be as a child and teen.  I'd spend weeks with them during the summer and would always call home begging my parents to let me stay longer.  There is nothing I love more than knowing that my son is getting the same love and attention with Nanny and Dede that I still receive.  Such joy!

The sweet babe learned how to open and close the back door so he could play peek-a-boo with his Dede all afternoon.  He pushed his car all over the cul-de-sac, and he played plenty of two-handed catch.  Nanny made him a yummy lunch to keep him going so he could explore the backyard. I can't wait until he's big enough to really enjoy all of her fabulous cooking.  After nap, he cuddled Dede to watch some Disney cartoons, a real treat since we don't really watch TV at home when he's awake.

Isaac arrived to find a little boy who didn't care one lick that Daddy was there.  All he wanted was to keep playing with Nanny and Dede!  I'm also glad Dede snapped this pictures on his cell phone for me. Thank You, Lord, for these special memories!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall on the Farm

The local strawberry farm decks itself out in grand style for the fall season.  We had never been out to Froberg's before, but we decided Saturday was a perfect chance to enjoy some low humidity and sunny weather.

Man Cub is at that precious age where everything is exciting and an adventure.  He was enthralled with the hay ride out to the 4 acre corn maze.  We rode through the strawberry fields that will be ripe for harvest come January.  A map of the maze was handed to us as we began our journey.  Man Cub talked and jabbered all through the maze as Daddy led the way for us.  We successfully wound through the maze without a single wrong turn-go Team Ozinga!

After the maze, Man Cub wanted to run up and down the big dirt hill and then through the tunnel under the hill.  He thought the tunnel was the best thing!  We each stood at an end, and he just went back and forth until we finally made him load back up on the hay ride to head back to the farm buildings for some games.

We raced plastic ducks using an old fashioned well pump.  It was a super cute idea, and the baby thought it was great fun.  The next booth had face painting, and while I really didn't think Man Cub would sit still long enough to get his face painted, he surprised us both.  He was so solemn the entire time the sweet gal painted his little cheek with that big pumpkin.  When she was done, he gazed in the mirror for the longest time, admiring his little orange friend.

By the time we planted a strawberry plant to take home and snapped a few pictures in the pumpkin patch, a little man I know was ready for lunch and a nap.  Froberg's was a great way to spend our morning, and we came home with 6 pumpkins and several farmer market treats for only $37!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

One of the perks of Isaac have a federal government job is all of the random little federal holidays, such as Columbus Day.  Isaac woke up yesterday and decided he wanted to go watch the Astros in game 4 of the ALDS.  How nice.  He managed to find a decent ticket for only $18, so he and the baby packed up and headed to the ball park for the day. 

This was Man Cub's first baseball game, and Daddy said he was absolutely mesmerized!  He loved watching the train on the track, watching the plays, and of course he loved all the people.  His Mama plays tee ball with him quite a bit, so he was certainly intrigued with what he saw on the field. Man Cub lasted about 2.5 at the ball park before he needed to head home for a nap.  What a special memory for Isaac to have with the little guy.  I'm proud of both of them!

The Astros did great the whole time the guys were there, but they blew it big time late in the game.  Here's a an away win in KC tomorrow!  Go 'Stros!

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