Sunday, August 23, 2009


August 8, 1954 was the day my Dede married my Nanny. In other words, Lee Molloy married Pat Gough. A while later, they had my mom. I don't care what anyone says, no one could be better grandparents than my Nanny and Dede. They are true examples of Christ in a crazy world, and wonderful picture of Christian marriage. They have loved on Isaac from the beginning, and he really enjoys getting to spend time with them. When we discovered August 8, 2009 was a Saturday, our wedding date decision was quickly made.

August 8, 2009 was a beautiful, clear day in Houston. The 6 of us ladies were able to sleep in and be lazy. Ashley and Meredith took me for my manicure at 10:30. It was very relaxing, and the longest lasting manicure I've ever had (one and a half weeks!).

At noon, we met up with Michelle at the hair salon for our appointments. We had a great time talking and laughing as our hair was transformed into gorgeous updos. At 3:00, we headed to the church to put on make-up and our dresses. The little girls met us there, and we all got ready together. There was lots more laughing and fun! And yes, we remembered to bring the cards we had made for Isaac at the Time of Day Shower. Ashley and Laura took them to him, and he got a good chuckle from them. :)

At 4:00, they took me outside to the front of the church where Isaac was waiting for me. We had about 5 minutes to ourselves to talk while Craig and Scott took pictures. Then we took family pictures and a couple of group shots with the entire bridal party since only the wedding party was going to the Ranch for photos after the ceremony.

From 5:00-5:30, we went into 'hiding' so no one saw us. Ashley led the girls in a sweet time of prayer for Isaac and me. We also had some munchies to hold us over until dinner. I didn't want anyone swooning from hunger during the ceremony! I never once got nervous. We were having too much fun for me to be anything but happy. The flowers almost didn't arrive, but it never once phased me. They did arrive in the end, and were gorgeous, so I'm glad they made it, but I was content without them. We were all too happy for silly details to matter.

Randy Cox did a phenomenal job with the ceremony. Everything he said was wonderful and true, and glorifying to Christ. Jessica Richards, a friend of ours, was an exquisite soloist for us, and added a lovely dynamic to the ceremony.

As soon as we walked up the aisle, we piled into the limo bus so Craig could take pictures of the wedding party with the cool ranch background. The guests enjoyed a cocktail mini hour while we took pictures. Once we finished, we were all introduced, and then Isaac and I had our first dance to Steven Curtis Chapman's "Echoes of Eden".

Dinner was so very tasty! The cakes were delicious. The toasts that were made were perfect. Then we got to dance the night away. I think the best part was watching Mary Ann Baxter, my 2nd grade teacher, dance the entire night! We all had so much fun, and did not want it to end, but at 11:30, the party had to end. We left to a shower of rose petals in Ol Sarge.

God blessed Isaac and me so much! Our wedding was so, so very much more than I ever could've dreamed. Everything about it was beyond perfect. Our friends and family are still talking about how much fun it was, which thrills me! I can't wait for all of the pictures to arrive so that I can see them and relive the day again. Check out Facebook; some people have already posted a few pictures for us. When Craig's come, I'll post those, I promise!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wedding Day Minus One

The Friday before the wedding was a perfect day! Two of my mom's best friends hosted a bridal luncheon so that I could honor the ladies who have been so wonderful in supporting me the past 16 months. Tina and Debbie were truly gracious hostesses, along with the help of Debbie's daughters, Tisha and Tiffany. The food was exquisite, the hand stitched favors were gorgeous, and the company divine. I love getting to share with the women in my family the ladies who are such dear friends to me. My bridesmaids, house party, and flower girls (minus Laura. She had hospital rotations).

Debbie and Tina

After the luncheon, the wedding party and I went to a nail salon for a little pre-wedding pampering. It was delightful, girly fun!
The rehearsal was a 6:00. Everyone arrived on time, the practicing went smoothly, and we all enjoyed a few laughs along the way. But, by 7:30, we were all very hungry.
All of the bridesmaids!
Isaac's parents hosted the rehearsal dinner at Cadillac in Kemah. We had a tasty dinner of fajitas. I loved every second of having all of my family and best friends together. I did not want the night to end, but we were all tired. So, after a ride on the Kemah Express Railroad, we called it a night. All of the bridesmaids except Michelle (for good reason!), headed to my house for a big sleepover. And, it was a sleep over! We crashed so quickly for a great night's rest.
At Cadillac

For pictures from the whole day, visit the Wedding Week photo album on Facebook.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pre-Wedding Fun

Last night most of my family arrived into town. We took a big group to the Chocolate Bar in Rice Village. My family!
My nephew was identical to my fiance. Super cute boys!

The bridesmaids and me.
Today was the bridal luncheon at the Tyler home, hosted by our good friends Debbie Tyler and Tina Dufour. It was lovely and perfect in every way!
Bridal Party

Debbie and Tina with Mom and me.
For more pictures, check out my facebook page. Now it's off to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Please keep us all in your prayers this weekend. Everything has been fabulous thus far!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Most people know that in February of 2005, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and spent the next 3 1/2 years fighting my body and medical odds to be healed. Much of those 3 1/2 years was spent in excruciating pain that left me bed ridden. While I could write an entire book on God's goodness to still get me through college on time, tonight's post is about God's presence.

I had a lot of time during those 3 1/2 years to be by myself, but I never once doubted that I was spiritually by myself. I prayed a lot, and had some amazing times alone with our sweet Daddy God.

A few weeks after my first surgery, my friend and roommate Kim went to Haiti on a mission trip. She brought me back a beautiful, hand-painted rought iron butterfly. Within days, I started seeing butterflies every time I went outside. At first I thought it was coincidence, but the more I talked to the Lord, the more I knew He was sending me daily reminders that He was with me through a very dark valley. I learned to keep my eyes open. I saw butterflies in the rain, in the freezing cold, and on super blazing hot days. Sometimes the butterflies would flutter past my car when I was stopped at a stop sign. Many days I saw them in my backyard when I was out with Bailey or in the park on the days I was well enough to go there with Bailey. The butterflies represented to me that Christ had died so that we could have a new life, free of the bonds of sin, if we believe in Him, but that that new life wouldn't always be free of pain. As I've learned, joyfully enduring that pain brings a fullness to life that otherwise couldn't be possible.In the 3 1/2 years I was ill, I honestly don't remember a day without a butterfly gracing me with its presence. God was with me, and He sent me butterflies to remind me that my illness was His will for me, and that He loved me. It's been a little over a year and a half since I have been healed of endometriosis. I don't get butterflies from heaven every day now, but I still get them on a regular basis. If nothing else, while keeping my eyes open for my next butterfly encounter, I have learned to see God at work in our world in ways I probably would have missed had I never gotten ill. Regardless, I learned that my God is always here, and I never doubt that for even a moment.

As a reminder to me that God is continually present and at work in my life and in my marriage, I have placed butterflies on the flower girl baskets and in each bridesmaid bouquet. And, yes, I have a big butterfly on my bouquet as well. Isaac knows how much butterflies thrill me, and loved the idea of adding the sequined butterflies I found into our wedding. May he and I always be reminded of God's presence, and continue to live to glorify Him in all we do.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Make That 7...

I now know I have 7 bridesmaids instead of 6! Michelle is having a baby girl!!! YAY! I'm so excited that this little girl, who is already so special to me, gets to be a part of our big day. Congrats, Will, Michelle, and Madisyn!
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