Monday, April 29, 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Sunday:  Church

Monday: Chicken Spaghetti

Tuesday: Grilled Chicken and Squash

Wednesday: Hot Dogs, Corn on the Cob

Thursday: Supposed to be GNO; leftovers for Isaac

Friday: Coupons and Giftcard to Longhorn Steakhouse

Saturday: Mission Project all day with middle schoolers, so whatever we feel like picking up on the way home. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I love that today is the last day I have to administer the dreaded STAAR test this school year.  Hallelujah, we made it and can get on with our lives!  Social studies isn't tested in 6th grade, but every teacher works to help every kid.  It's just part of being a team.

I love that Isaac so incredibly and successfully completed the MS 150 from Houston to Austin this weekend.  WHOOP!

I love that I took off Monday to regroup from an insane weekend.  After the house got clean, I finally allowed myself to pull out my beloved book and read in the back yard the rest of the day.  These two darlings joined me.  What a blast to sit, read, and enjoy their company.  We had so much fun!

And I love that these two have been snacking on carrots, zucchini, squash, pumpkin seeds, bananas, strawberries, pineapple, and apples lately.  Fewer processed foods for all of us.  They follow me to the fridge and just wait.  How can I say no to that?! 

And that book?  IN LOVE.  Joel Rosenburg's lastest called Damascus Countdown.  I'll write a review soon, but this last book in the trilogy is not disappointing.  Agh!!

I love that this is the last full week of April and today's high is only 61.  In Houston.  Yep.  I'll remember this when summer finally catches up to us soon.

I love my Jesus.

What are you loving this week?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BP MS 150 2013

Isaac has trained for the last year to ride in this year's BP sponsored ride from Houston to Austin that supports the multiple sclerosis society.  Isaac decided to join Team Hope, which was sponsored by our Christian radio station KSBJ.  Each rider not only has to ride in actuality 170 miles, but has to fundraise at least $400 as well.  Thank to fabulous family and friends, Isaac raised over $500 and rode the whole way.  He didn't have to ride the SAG van to any of the stops!  I knew he wouldn't-he's a hoss when it comes to cycling.  The man's a beast.  Oh, and did I mention that he built that bike himself, piece by piece.  Yeah.  He did. 

Saturday bright and early at Tully Stadium in Houston:

In Austin on Sunday after he finished:

He rode for my sorority sis Heather's mom...

...and for a friend of his grandma's.

My favorite pic from his training rides:

Love you, Baby!  So proud of you!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Sunday: Dinner at my parents'

Monday: Leftover Chicken Ravioli and Veggies

Tuesday: Hamburgers

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner

Thursday: Dinner at my parents'

Friday: GNO-Isaac's on his own

Saturday: Dinner with my grandparents or a cookout with friends...not sure which one is happening yet.

Friday, April 19, 2013

charity: water I stand amazed

In February, one of my students came to me, wanting to raise money to build a well for charity: water.  Read about that here.

Since February 7th when the campaign began, the kids have hosted a fundraiser night at Fuddruckers, sold $1259 worth of homemade ice cream and cookies, spoken to their classmates numerous times about the importance of clean water and asked them to donate money, and told their friends and families about the campaign.  Through their efforts, and honestly very little adult help, they have raised $9895 of the $10,000 goal Kate set!!!  The deadline for donations is May 7th, and there is still an art auction and a home church that will be donating money.  They've done it!

I'll be honest.  When Kate said she wanted to raise a full $10,000 to ensure that she could name a well after the school, I was skeptical.  A bunch of middle school kids in a school that's nearly 50% on free and reduced lunch raise $10,000 for a project most of them will never see?  Oh, how God has shown me to shut up, sit down, and let Him work.  I have been humbled and reminded over and over these last 10 weeks to let God move.  He will.  When something is good and of Him, Satan cannot destroy it.  Oh, Satan will try.  He'll use doubt, fear, disobedience, and selfishness to try to stop God's work, but in the end, he fails.  And this time, Satan has failed in huge ways.  God has triumphed, as He has always promised to do.  I am proud of these kids who chose to use God in their school to make a huge difference in a community half a world away.

*I have written permission to use these photos by the kids' worries.  Y'all know my rule about not using my kids' photos in the blog otherwise. 

The one and only Kate.
Arianna, Savannah, and Edie making posters to advertise around school.

Kate and me explaining the project at a fundraiser.
Selling cookies and ice cream

The awesome SCIS kids who supported Kate.  I wish I had a picture of all the kids from other schools who came out too.

How is God wanting to use you to change the world?  Are you standing in His way?  Let the Lord Almighty work, and be prepared to stand amazed.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

April BarkBox Review

We caved after several friends told us how many fun things they get from BarkBox each month and ordered a 6 month subscription.  BarkBox mails out on the 15th of each month, and we received our box yesterday.  The dogs always help me open the mail, and today was no exception.  We ordered the box for large breed since Aggie Belle likes to play and Bailey doesn't.  I wanted toys for her and figured I can always break up large treats for Bailey.  Oh, boy, yesterday was a huge hit with the BarkBox.  (Ok, I know I'm a horrible photographer, but don't judge).

 The box looked like this from the mail box:

The goodies were neatly packaged and wrapped:

 I appreciated the card that described the items and included the websites where I can buy more products the pups like:

 This was opened immediately.  Bailey adores duck!  We now like Etta Says! products!

 This bone was quickly ripped into by Aggie.  She rolled it around and chewed for over an hour before moving on to something else.

This is another Etta Says! product of duck.  Yum!
 Licks has liquid vitamins for dogs.  Both of ours take joint vitamins daily and have no problem taking pills or chews, so I'm not sure we'll buy these, but I'm anxious to see if ours like them.  One pouch is for a 50 pound dog.

 This toy will probably last Aggie bout 20 minutes.  If it lasts longer, we'll buy more.  She is a destructive mess with her toys!

Groom Mits.  They are basically large mits to wipe down a dog.  I'm thinking these will be great at the beach or muddy days at the park. 

I can't wait for next month!  I think the dogs are happy we caved!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Fair Trade Edition

It's no secret that ethically made products are my favorite.  See here to know why if you are new around here. :)

Here are fair trade items I'm wanting...






I love my Jesus!

What are you loving this week?

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Meal Planning and Inspirational Monday

Sunday: Fish Fry at the Tanners

Monday: Chicken Cordon Bleu and Veggies

Tuesday: Meatloaf and Salad

Wednesday: Grilled Chicken and Veggies

Thursday: Chicken Ravioli and Salad

Friday: Out-Driving to MS 150 Startline

Saturday: Birthday Party for me; MS 150 dinner in La Grange for Isaac

In our over saturated world of PC-ness, I oh so greatly appreciate a refreshing dose of reality.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sigma Phi Lambda Reunion

While at A&M, I joined a national Christian sorority.  I'm just not girly enough for Panhellenic sororities, though there's certainly nothing wrong with them.  Sigma Phi Lambda (Phi Lamb) began at t.u. (sorry folks, just still can't do it) in 1988, and two years later, a chapter was begun at A&M.  In the last 25 years, Phi Lamb has grown to 30 chapters in 10 states with over 2,000 actives members and 12 thousand alumni.  Um, that's the Holy Spirit at work on college campuses! 

I met some dear ladies during my four years of Phi Lamb.  Two of my sisters were bridesmaids in my wedding.  I keep in touch with several of the girls, even though states and even oceans keep us separated physically.  I served as Covenant Group Chaplain and Smiles Committee Chair.  I was a part of A&M's Songfest with Phi Lamb and the fab men of AFC.  We won one of those years!  It was my first taste of women who weren't out to get each other.  All of my house mates sophmore-senior years were Phi Lamb ladies.  It was wonderful!  Though I wasn't as involved as I wanted to be for 2 1/2 years of it due to endometriosis, the girls kept right on loving me and welcoming me to everything when I was having a good day. 
2003 Initiation

Date Party Fall 2004

Songfest 2004

Songfest 2004

Songfest 2005

Covenant Group 2005-2006
Covenant Group 2005-2006

Covenant Group 2005-2006

Rush 2006

Ashley's birthday party 2006

End of the year play day 2007

 The reunion for A&M was held at The Avalon in Navasota-gorgeous!  Many of the current actives came, and it was great to talk with them and hear all that God is doing on campus through these girls.  About 6 girls that I knew throughout my 4 years at A&M came, and it was good to see them.  It made me miss even more the dear ladies who were unable to come.  The founding officers were there.  It killed them to be in their early 40s and so vividly remember starting the sorority.  The secretary told the actives that there will never be another time in their lives like the days they're in Phi Lamb-so many women together to encourage, disciple, and serve God together.  She's right.  I'll never have that sense of belonging with 200 other girls again.  I miss it, but I know it was just for a season.  And memories and stories last forever...not to mention all that God taught me!
Aggie Phi Lamb Alums

Kasey and me...why didn't we have these letters?!?
Phi Lamb Song:
Once again, from glory to glory
You increased our faith
and we believed.
Constantly amazed, we have seen Your power.
Fall on us, O Lord,
we ask for more.

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