Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I love Bloglovin!  Knowing that  Google Reader will soon disappear, this has been a super easy way to connect all the blogs I like to read, even from Word Press.  Check it out, and follow me too!  The same link is also one of my pages above.

I love Rachel's sweet blog!  If you haven't discovered her charm yet, head on over to her site.  Rachel does a Monday link up on inspirational quotes.  I love how this has challenged me to look at Monday mornings in a positive light instead of grumbling about the start of a new work week. 

I love Kristen's blog.  She speaks such truth.  Tuesday's post was about her living room wall.  I'm totally stealing her picture, but I have to share:

Those amazing 'redeemed' letters can be yours for $13.99.  I'm making you go to Kristen's blog to find out how though.  :)  I have great plans for the 'redeemed' letters on this wall:
I don't ever want to lose sight of what that cross really means: it was a death sentence to redeem me.  That's worth remembering every moment of every day.  

I love that I'm seeing more of my cross wall lately.  The past couple of weeks have slowed down, and I've had free time to sit and play.  I haven't done this nearly enough since getting married.  Part of my problem is not liking having an audience that's more than God, but I'm working on that.  As a kid, the two things Mom couldn't get me away from were books and this piano.

I love these pictures from Easter that Bridget sent me of the girls.  I love those smiles!  If only I could squash the distance between Dallas and Houston!

 I love how people are coming out of the woodwork to support Kate's charity: water project at my school.  It's not to late to donate!  This is a great project if you/your family/your business is looking for a cause to support for April!

I love my Jesus!

What are you loving this week?

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The Granberrys said...

Love the 'redeemed' letters!!!

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