Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BP MS 150 2013

Isaac has trained for the last year to ride in this year's BP sponsored ride from Houston to Austin that supports the multiple sclerosis society.  Isaac decided to join Team Hope, which was sponsored by our Christian radio station KSBJ.  Each rider not only has to ride in actuality 170 miles, but has to fundraise at least $400 as well.  Thank to fabulous family and friends, Isaac raised over $500 and rode the whole way.  He didn't have to ride the SAG van to any of the stops!  I knew he wouldn't-he's a hoss when it comes to cycling.  The man's a beast.  Oh, and did I mention that he built that bike himself, piece by piece.  Yeah.  He did. 

Saturday bright and early at Tully Stadium in Houston:

In Austin on Sunday after he finished:

He rode for my sorority sis Heather's mom...

...and for a friend of his grandma's.

My favorite pic from his training rides:

Love you, Baby!  So proud of you!

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