Friday, April 19, 2013

charity: water I stand amazed

In February, one of my students came to me, wanting to raise money to build a well for charity: water.  Read about that here.

Since February 7th when the campaign began, the kids have hosted a fundraiser night at Fuddruckers, sold $1259 worth of homemade ice cream and cookies, spoken to their classmates numerous times about the importance of clean water and asked them to donate money, and told their friends and families about the campaign.  Through their efforts, and honestly very little adult help, they have raised $9895 of the $10,000 goal Kate set!!!  The deadline for donations is May 7th, and there is still an art auction and a home church that will be donating money.  They've done it!

I'll be honest.  When Kate said she wanted to raise a full $10,000 to ensure that she could name a well after the school, I was skeptical.  A bunch of middle school kids in a school that's nearly 50% on free and reduced lunch raise $10,000 for a project most of them will never see?  Oh, how God has shown me to shut up, sit down, and let Him work.  I have been humbled and reminded over and over these last 10 weeks to let God move.  He will.  When something is good and of Him, Satan cannot destroy it.  Oh, Satan will try.  He'll use doubt, fear, disobedience, and selfishness to try to stop God's work, but in the end, he fails.  And this time, Satan has failed in huge ways.  God has triumphed, as He has always promised to do.  I am proud of these kids who chose to use God in their school to make a huge difference in a community half a world away.

*I have written permission to use these photos by the kids' worries.  Y'all know my rule about not using my kids' photos in the blog otherwise. 

The one and only Kate.
Arianna, Savannah, and Edie making posters to advertise around school.

Kate and me explaining the project at a fundraiser.
Selling cookies and ice cream

The awesome SCIS kids who supported Kate.  I wish I had a picture of all the kids from other schools who came out too.

How is God wanting to use you to change the world?  Are you standing in His way?  Let the Lord Almighty work, and be prepared to stand amazed.

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