Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quiet Times

When I lived in College Station, I had a little corner of my bedroom setup with a small papasan chair so I could have my quiet times in a simple, uncluttered space. It was a perfect setup for the three years I lived in that house. Don't get me wrong; I wasn't perfect. There were lots of days in those three years when I never made it to my corner where the Lord was patiently waiting for me to visit. However, it certainly helped me make my quiet times a much more consistent part of my day than they had been in high school.

After I moved back to Houston nearly 2 years ago, I sold all of my 'little girl' furniture and moved my 'big girl' furniture for college into my old room. I didn't keep the little papasan chair though because I didn't feel like there was a good place for it. For two years I tried to find a place in my room that felt 'right' for my quiet times, but I was completely unsuccessful. My bed made me feel sleepy; my desk always reminded me of other things I felt needed doing; my floor was just awkward. Needless to say, God was frustrated with me, and I was frustrated with myself for seemingly being unable to commit my time to Him, as He demands us to do, and as we should long to do.

I've always had a thing for rocking chairs. I've asked Isaac to buy me a glider with an ottoman for a wedding present, I love them so much! Mom has an old, beautiful rocking chair in her room that been used for nothing more than a dry cleaning holding spot for clothes for over 12 years. I finally asked her if I could borrow it. She agreed, so about a week ago, Dad moved it upstairs for me. I situated it in a corner near my desk (yes, I need a corner!), but some blankets and a pillow on it, and made myself a perfect quiet time nook. My desk is right there to keep my Bible, study books, and journal, but I'm angled enough not to see things awaiting attention on my desk. I have my favorite lap, and it's just wonderful! I feel drawn to my corner every evening when I get home. I feel so much better internally, and it's no wonder why! Sheesh! Seems I was a goober and should've asked the Lord to help me solve my problem much sooner, but I'm grateful now. When Jesus demands something of us, in this case our undivided attention to Him daily, He means it for a reason. Lesson learned.

My Quiet Time Nook

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Softly Call the Muster

My family made the pilgrimage to College Station yesterday for Muster. It really is true that a two hour ceremony can sum up the Aggie Spirit better than words ever can. As Aggies the world over gather together to honor Aggies known and unknown who have died since the previous April 21st, pride of our heritage is clearly evident.

This year's 50th Class Reunion was the c/o '59. What an amazing group of men! I love listening to the stories that are told about how life was like at AMC 'back in the day'. I love that these gentlemen all saluted our flags during the national and state anthems. It's sad how our country has lost it's sense of pride, but that's another story for another day.

Last night's Muster in College Station was particularly special as Dr. Robert Gates was the speaker. I was heartbroken when President Bush asked Dr. Gates to leave A&M as the university's president to become Secretary of Defense 4 short months before my graduation. I had been very excited that the former head of the CIA would sign and hand me my diploma. Dr. Gates wasn't an Aggie student, but he embraced us, loved us, and came to cherish the Aggie world, as he lovingly reminded us last night.

I can't imagine the pressures of being Secertary of Defence. Dr. Gates asked us all to stand before the official roll call was announced so that we could have a special roll call for the 22 Aggie military men and women who have died in combat since Dr. Gates took office. I am so proud of my school for developing leaders brave enough to give the greatest sacrifice for our country to protect our freedom. Thank you, Dr. Gates, for having us remember them and the tradition upon which our university was built.

Dr. Gates

RV's about to give the 21 gun salute as the families hold the candles for their loved ones.

In Memoriam:
We stood a little taller,
and a little prouder then
When we heard the call of Muster
and the Roll Call just begin.
We stood there all together
and wiped away the tears
When our names were called out softly
and answered with a “Here!”...
and so we’ve joined together
with our brothers of the past
To make our final resting place at
Aggieland our last.
We take a toast to our brotherhood
wherever they may roam,
For us the trek is over
Aggieland we’re coming home.
by Lt. Col. David Harrigan ‘68

Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Fun!

Isaac flew in Thursday night for the weekend. He surprised the Hash kids by showing up there just in time to say prayers and help me put them down for the night. They were all so excited to see Mr. Isaac. Miss Laura was excited to see Mr. Isaac, too!

Friday night started out rainy, and our street flooded. Eventually the water went down, so we went to Will, Michelle, and Maddy's for a game night with Ashley, Deborah, and Sean. We each made our own pizzas for dinner. It was really tasty. Deborah and Ashley made us cookies, and we all played some hilarious rounds of Catch Phrase. I don't know why we haven't had more of these super fun nights, but they need to become a habit! I love these friends! Of course, the biggest celebrity of the night was baby Bella. She's too cute!
Isaac meets Bella for the first time.

Sean and Bella

Bella took a nap with Mom after greeting everyone.

Then Bella took another nap with me!

Bella turned into a monkey, climbed on my shoulder, and fell asleep again.

Deborah and Ashley made yummy cookies!

Deborah brought her cookie cutters.

Bella and Bear

If you look close, Bella is chewing her daddy's jeans. :)

Getting serious with Catch Phrase.
Saturday started out cloudy, but not rainy, so we had hope for a nice day out, until we looked at the radar. Bailey had time for a nice, leisurely walk before the floods came.
This is how it looked for several hours.
Thankfully, we didn't end up with any water damage in the house. Yay for a new roof from Ike! However, my classroom was not so lucky. I had water in it again. The lesson to be learned? Don't build schools with cinderblocks!
Anyway, Isaac and I camped out in the house all day, making cookies and watching movies. When the water finally receded, we walked down to the Cagles for a 'cook-in' and games with friends from work. It was a great night, and a fun way to let out some pent up energy from being stuck inside all day!
When Isaac bought his plane ticket to fly down for this weekend, all we wanted to have planned was a trip to the beach. Bailey loves the beach, we love the beach, and we just wanted to go. Of course, Galveston isn't Flordia, where we were spoiled for 6th days in March, but waves are waves, and sand is sand. And for Bailey, anywhere he can run to chase birds without a leash is Heaven. Sunday dawned a little overcast, but the weather man promised it'd clear up, so we packed our lunch and headed south.
I'd gone to Galveston once since Ike before Sunday. The 'touristy' parts are fairly back to normal, execpt for a few lost landmarks that we all miss (Murdoch's, anybody?). However, the residential areas are another story. The beach is yet a third story. The Seawall beaches are fairly well put back together. I don't like the Seawall beaches though. I like the West end of the island, away from the traffic, noise, and tourists. The pocket beach we've been going to for 20 years is damaged and not currently open, but the public access road right next to it is still there, so we drove down to the beach, parked, and had a grand day.
The sand was all wet and mushy from Saturday's floods, so we picnic-ed in the bed of the truck, which nearly killed Bailey. As soon as we were through, we let him down, and off he went. No bird in sight was safe from Bailey! We let him go for four miles before heading home, but he still had energy. Good grief! While Bailey chased, Isaac and I hunted for shells. God washed up tons of shells in the storm on Saturday. We found shells I had never seen in Galveston before. We also saw two small, dead sharks, and one huge jelly fish. There are a ton of houses down there that need demolishing. The beach on the west side is being rebuilt, slowly. The dunes were being built up as we walked, which was nice to see. It's so odd to know something so well for 20 years, and then to suddenly have the same piece of earth look so entirely different. What a wonderful reminder of how changeable life is, while only God remains constant.
Bailey waiting for us to finish lunch.
Bailey's tent.
Isaac flew home tonight. I'm tired of driving to the airport. He's tired of flying back and forth. We have 4 more times to do this before Isaac moves here permanently. However, we both think it's worth it. :)
Tomorrow is Muster. I get to go to Aggieland to hear Dr. Gates speak as we remember the Aggies we have lost this year. It's also Holocaust Rememberance Day. Please, don't forget.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Accessorized with Children

Michelle and Will asked me to keep Madisyn tonight while they went to pick up their new puppy Bella. I was super excited that they asked me because I hadn't seen Madisyn since her mommy and Mr. Will's wedding, and I was ready for some girl time. I decided to take her to a 'big girl restaurant' (as opposed to McDonalds or Chick-fil-A), so we went to Zios. Maddy was on her best behavior, and hammed it up for our waiter. We both had a fabulous time talking, laughing, and playing the games on her kids' menu. After an evening like this, NO ONE could deny that hanging out with a 5 year is flat out fun.

However, as I looked around the restaurant, my heart broke. The true state of our society was screaming out around the blissful little world Maddy and I had created for ourselves. Parents were out with their children, which is a start, but those children were completely unengaged in the real world. Many of the children, younger than Madisyn's 5 years, were entralled in various hand held electronic devices, oblivious to the presence of their parents and siblings. Lots of the parents were talking with each other, but many were completely silent. I was astounded at the scenes unfolding before me. It was blantantly obvious that these parents were too tired, busy, or otherwise preoccupied to be bothered by their children.

While I am the last person in the world to want to be a mother, I desperately try to connect with the children around me. I'm very aware that they are a gift to me, and that my time with them is special and fleeting. I want to pour into them and allow them to pour into me in the few brief moments I am blessed to share with the children in my life. The appalling behavior I witnessed tonight was further proof of what so many of us teachers have been seeing for years: the lack of parent involvement in a child's life has serious ramifactions academically, socially, and emotionally. These are the children that will grow up to be like "Chicago's" Roxy Hart, claiming she just wasn't loved enough as a child, which led her to commit murder. These children are so attached to the electronics they have that real relationships with true commitment seem foreign to them. Their imaginations are so limited because no one engages them in creative play or conversation frequently enough to allow their God-given innocence to flourish. Instead, it's replaced with the harsh reality of telelvision and video games, leaving educators and other reality based adults desperate to find a meaningful way to allow these children an escape back into childhood.

As I looked around me tonight, and vented my frustrations to Michelle when she returned home, we both commented on how often couples have children because it seems to be the thing to do. In Clear Lake especially, having a child is just like having the newest Coach purse, Lexus vehicle, or Gucci shoes; it's the popular, hip thing to do. It makes me want to scream, "STOP!" at the top of my lungs. There are children underprivileged and starving all around the world; we don't need emotional neglect added to the list of social ills that the world's children face on a daily basis. Children aren't accessories; they're people. They need love and emotional nourishment with a huge dose of creativity. They need to be allowed to be children, not pets or things. Lord Jesus, release this nation from its selfish ways; turn us to You and keep us from the desire to 'one-up' the neighbors!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is my future sister-in-law's birthday! Laura is a doll, and I'm so glad she and David are getting to spend her birthday with her awesome parents and little brother in Mexico. I hope they are have fun playing on the beach!

Bailey loves Aunt Laura and Uncle David!

Laura and David are so cute!

Laura was an awesome help during my bridal shoot by Marilyn Monroe-ing it up with my petticoat when I got too hot to keep it on!

Mom with her girls.

We love you, Laura! Happy Birthday!!
...Happy Easter!!! Christ is risen!!
We had an awesome morning of worship at UBC today. I didn't even mind having to be at church by 7:25 to play bells for the 8:15 service. It was all so Christ-focused that no one could've missed the intent of the morning. Adam Paul Williams, my sweet friend Jessica Richards, and Cory Thompson led us in fabulous, heart-felt worship during the 9:30 service. I was so excited that Adam and his beautiful wife Kellie came to celebrate with us this morning. God has given him an amazing talent, and he was kind enough to share it with us. And they're just flat out nice people.
There is so much hope on Easter. Christ is alive; the tomb is empty. Christ is maker and ruler of all, King of kings, and Lord of lords. He has made a promise to return, and we live in anticipation of that return, full of hope and peace, despite the crud around us, chosing to be light instead of creating more crud. What a blessing! What an amazing story of which to be apart! Praise Your name, Jesus. May we make it great!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Target Practice

I went for a manicure at 9:00 this morning, and then headed to my grandparents to load up the firearms and amo to go shoot. Only in Texas would those two events coincide in such a short time period, but that's the real Laura Anne Pearce for ya. Dede (my granddad) is a member of a shooting club nearby, and I've been itching for a few free hours to go shoot with him. I hadn't had my hands on a firearm in nearly two years because movin away from College Station and my grandparents moving away from Kentucky had left me without a free place to shoot. Yay for the shooting club Dede found! Howerve, I don't think the time lapse has hurt my skills. :) I shot a .22 rifle and a .22 revolver today. We can't find .45 and .38 ammo anywhere, but when we do, I'll have to pull out the 'big guns' and shoot pistols soon. I only wish I had enough guts to hang these in my classroom! I bet it'd make the whining stop! Thank you, Dede, for such a fun time!

Target 1. I was a bit to the right at first, but I got into the black pretty quick!

Target 2. :)

A very nice man let us use one of his 'shoot n c' targets. They are so cool! We're going to get some for next weekend. I think I'm ready to join the Texas Militia.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blushing Bride in Bluebonnets

"Rejoice, for this is the day that the Lord has made!" Psalm 118:24

Saturday was possibly the most exciting day of my entire life. Ashley, Mom, and I headed to College Station with Donna Cox for her to take Aggie bridal portraits of me. That was super exciting in itself! While driving down Highway 6, the ranch fields were solid blue, just covered in bluebonnets. It was a beautiful site, and we kept commenting how much fun God had had with His work this spring. I said to Donna that they only thing that would be better was a horse in the bluebonnets for my bridal portraits. Donna told us that she knew someone in Navasota with a horse who would love for us to visit. She called Eva Hutton, who also happens to be the mom of an old classmate from high school, and told her our plan. Eva was super excited, and said she'd have Rocky ready for us after we finished up on campus. WHOOP!

We started out getting me dressed in the MSC. Ashley and Mom get awards for being so patient and helpful! Ashley carried my train from place to place for me and never complained once. She is the perfect maid of honor! Laura and David met us in the MSC, and they were such an awesome help! Laura is a great bridesmaid, always willing to help with a huge smile. I never could tell if David enjoyed it all or was just annoyed by his older sister, but I loved having him with us. We took pictures in the Academic Building, at the Century Tree, Harrington Tower, and the Admin Buildling. Donna took some amazing pictures, and I can't wait to share them after the wedding!

Donna called Eva to tell her we were on our way after I put back on normal clothes. She told us Eva and her husband live in Vista Hills, which is a ranch neighborhood that my parents looked at about 4 years ago. I mentioned to Donna that it was so perfect that we were going to take pictures in a bluebonnet field with a horse owned by a woman named Eva because I've always wanted to name my daughter Eva Marie after my great-grandmother and her sister if we ever end up crazy enough to have kids (Isaac nor I want any). We told Eva that story after we got to her house, and her middle name is Marie! God had this perfect setting for my portraits planned all along. There were so many signs I was given all day from the Lord that showed me His love, approval, and blessing.

Eva has a barn that has a guest house attached to it. She's renting out the guest house as a B&B. I can't wait for Isaac and me to visit next spring and ride Rocky. Anyway, we got me all dolled back up in the guest house. When we came back outside, Rocky had been joined by two friends, a brother and sister named Earl and Bitty. The neighbors brought them down to join in on the fun! I had three horses and a huge field of bluebonnets for my bridal portraits! Holy cow! I was in high heaven, and had a blast for an hour and a half. I had to stop several times and just laugh because it was all too perfect to believe. I didn't want a second of the joy of it all to escape me! Rocky, Earl, and Bitty were so well behaved. Rocky did steal the show as he was willing to stand still the longest (I had his favorite cookies hidden in my hands). Rocky liked to lick my hands and sniff my silk bouquet. He seemed to think it was a mean trick that those flowers were fake!

Donna took pictures of Laura and David in the bluebonnets. They are adorable!

No bride could have a more perfect day for portraits. I loved feeling God's presence through His creation, and yes, I had lots and lots and lots of butterflies all day long. I can't thank my entourage enough for all of their help and support. Y'all are the best!
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