Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blushing Bride in Bluebonnets

"Rejoice, for this is the day that the Lord has made!" Psalm 118:24

Saturday was possibly the most exciting day of my entire life. Ashley, Mom, and I headed to College Station with Donna Cox for her to take Aggie bridal portraits of me. That was super exciting in itself! While driving down Highway 6, the ranch fields were solid blue, just covered in bluebonnets. It was a beautiful site, and we kept commenting how much fun God had had with His work this spring. I said to Donna that they only thing that would be better was a horse in the bluebonnets for my bridal portraits. Donna told us that she knew someone in Navasota with a horse who would love for us to visit. She called Eva Hutton, who also happens to be the mom of an old classmate from high school, and told her our plan. Eva was super excited, and said she'd have Rocky ready for us after we finished up on campus. WHOOP!

We started out getting me dressed in the MSC. Ashley and Mom get awards for being so patient and helpful! Ashley carried my train from place to place for me and never complained once. She is the perfect maid of honor! Laura and David met us in the MSC, and they were such an awesome help! Laura is a great bridesmaid, always willing to help with a huge smile. I never could tell if David enjoyed it all or was just annoyed by his older sister, but I loved having him with us. We took pictures in the Academic Building, at the Century Tree, Harrington Tower, and the Admin Buildling. Donna took some amazing pictures, and I can't wait to share them after the wedding!

Donna called Eva to tell her we were on our way after I put back on normal clothes. She told us Eva and her husband live in Vista Hills, which is a ranch neighborhood that my parents looked at about 4 years ago. I mentioned to Donna that it was so perfect that we were going to take pictures in a bluebonnet field with a horse owned by a woman named Eva because I've always wanted to name my daughter Eva Marie after my great-grandmother and her sister if we ever end up crazy enough to have kids (Isaac nor I want any). We told Eva that story after we got to her house, and her middle name is Marie! God had this perfect setting for my portraits planned all along. There were so many signs I was given all day from the Lord that showed me His love, approval, and blessing.

Eva has a barn that has a guest house attached to it. She's renting out the guest house as a B&B. I can't wait for Isaac and me to visit next spring and ride Rocky. Anyway, we got me all dolled back up in the guest house. When we came back outside, Rocky had been joined by two friends, a brother and sister named Earl and Bitty. The neighbors brought them down to join in on the fun! I had three horses and a huge field of bluebonnets for my bridal portraits! Holy cow! I was in high heaven, and had a blast for an hour and a half. I had to stop several times and just laugh because it was all too perfect to believe. I didn't want a second of the joy of it all to escape me! Rocky, Earl, and Bitty were so well behaved. Rocky did steal the show as he was willing to stand still the longest (I had his favorite cookies hidden in my hands). Rocky liked to lick my hands and sniff my silk bouquet. He seemed to think it was a mean trick that those flowers were fake!

Donna took pictures of Laura and David in the bluebonnets. They are adorable!

No bride could have a more perfect day for portraits. I loved feeling God's presence through His creation, and yes, I had lots and lots and lots of butterflies all day long. I can't thank my entourage enough for all of their help and support. Y'all are the best!

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