Monday, March 30, 2009

Productive Weekends Make for Exhausted Weekends!

I had a great first week back at school after our super fabulous, extra long Spring Break. Then the chaos began! Friday Isaac's parents came to town for the weekend, and we went non-stop! They got Cadilac Bar reserved for our rehearsal dinner; it's going to be such a fun nigiht. Saturday we picked out our cake flavors and designed them. You'll have to come to the wedding or wait for pictures to know what they'll be like. Saturday afternoon we also did a run through of my hair with Sandy, my fantastic stylist. Bridal portraits are on Saturday and Monday, so we needed to be ready! Sunday we met with Karen, our wedding coordinator at church. She is so very organized, and said we were doing everything right. Yay!

However, the best event of the weekend was Saturday afternoon. My granddad bought me a Rugers 10/22 rifle. WHOOP!

No worries; there's not even a clip in it!

All in all, it was a great weekend, but I was ready for the bubble bath I allowed myself tonight. Now it's off to bed!

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