Wednesday, March 18, 2009

East Coast to Midwest

Monday officially began my Spring Break from teaching. We drove down to Avon Park in central Florida to visit Isaac's grandparents who are snow birds down there. They scheduled an air boat ride for us through Arbuckle Creek and Arbuckle Lake. It was so fun to glide across places (like rock and grass!) where boats shouldn't be able to go! God has some interesting creatures there, too.
Standing on a crashed plane in the swamp.

On the airboat
Tuesday we flew back to Ohio, just in time to leave tomorrow morning for Lake Tahoe! I can't wait for Will and Michelle's wedding on Friday evening. They are two of our favorite people, and we are very excited that we get to share this special time with them. Isaac and I wouldn't miss this wedding for anything. We're praying for you!

Today we did get to hang out with Isaac's family and his mom's daycare kids. I love all of those kids, but Olivia is my favorite! I want one that looks just like her some day! Olivia did have to share me today though with the other two babies. Michelle, I thought of you every time I had to decide which baby to hold: the 6 week old, the 9 month old, or the 14 month old. :)

Olivia and me

On a side note, I was very saddened when I found out Natasha Richardson had died this evening. I always admired her and Liam Neeson for having such a wonderful relationship kept out of the Hollywood spotlight, not to mention she was a phenomenal actress. And, maybe, I was always a little jealous that she was married to Liam Neeson, who I've had a crush on since I was about 8. Seriously though, I can't imagine losing my mom in middle school as her two boys have had happen. Natasha's death is just another reminder of how precious and fragile life is. Thank You, Jesus, for each breathe!

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