Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is my future sister-in-law's birthday! Laura is a doll, and I'm so glad she and David are getting to spend her birthday with her awesome parents and little brother in Mexico. I hope they are have fun playing on the beach!

Bailey loves Aunt Laura and Uncle David!

Laura and David are so cute!

Laura was an awesome help during my bridal shoot by Marilyn Monroe-ing it up with my petticoat when I got too hot to keep it on!

Mom with her girls.

We love you, Laura! Happy Birthday!!
...Happy Easter!!! Christ is risen!!
We had an awesome morning of worship at UBC today. I didn't even mind having to be at church by 7:25 to play bells for the 8:15 service. It was all so Christ-focused that no one could've missed the intent of the morning. Adam Paul Williams, my sweet friend Jessica Richards, and Cory Thompson led us in fabulous, heart-felt worship during the 9:30 service. I was so excited that Adam and his beautiful wife Kellie came to celebrate with us this morning. God has given him an amazing talent, and he was kind enough to share it with us. And they're just flat out nice people.
There is so much hope on Easter. Christ is alive; the tomb is empty. Christ is maker and ruler of all, King of kings, and Lord of lords. He has made a promise to return, and we live in anticipation of that return, full of hope and peace, despite the crud around us, chosing to be light instead of creating more crud. What a blessing! What an amazing story of which to be apart! Praise Your name, Jesus. May we make it great!

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Jon & Steph said...

I am now blog stalking you! You look very VERY happy. Your lil brother is getting married too?? Wow! I'll be checking back for updates.

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