Friday, April 12, 2013

Sigma Phi Lambda Reunion

While at A&M, I joined a national Christian sorority.  I'm just not girly enough for Panhellenic sororities, though there's certainly nothing wrong with them.  Sigma Phi Lambda (Phi Lamb) began at t.u. (sorry folks, just still can't do it) in 1988, and two years later, a chapter was begun at A&M.  In the last 25 years, Phi Lamb has grown to 30 chapters in 10 states with over 2,000 actives members and 12 thousand alumni.  Um, that's the Holy Spirit at work on college campuses! 

I met some dear ladies during my four years of Phi Lamb.  Two of my sisters were bridesmaids in my wedding.  I keep in touch with several of the girls, even though states and even oceans keep us separated physically.  I served as Covenant Group Chaplain and Smiles Committee Chair.  I was a part of A&M's Songfest with Phi Lamb and the fab men of AFC.  We won one of those years!  It was my first taste of women who weren't out to get each other.  All of my house mates sophmore-senior years were Phi Lamb ladies.  It was wonderful!  Though I wasn't as involved as I wanted to be for 2 1/2 years of it due to endometriosis, the girls kept right on loving me and welcoming me to everything when I was having a good day. 
2003 Initiation

Date Party Fall 2004

Songfest 2004

Songfest 2004

Songfest 2005

Covenant Group 2005-2006
Covenant Group 2005-2006

Covenant Group 2005-2006

Rush 2006

Ashley's birthday party 2006

End of the year play day 2007

 The reunion for A&M was held at The Avalon in Navasota-gorgeous!  Many of the current actives came, and it was great to talk with them and hear all that God is doing on campus through these girls.  About 6 girls that I knew throughout my 4 years at A&M came, and it was good to see them.  It made me miss even more the dear ladies who were unable to come.  The founding officers were there.  It killed them to be in their early 40s and so vividly remember starting the sorority.  The secretary told the actives that there will never be another time in their lives like the days they're in Phi Lamb-so many women together to encourage, disciple, and serve God together.  She's right.  I'll never have that sense of belonging with 200 other girls again.  I miss it, but I know it was just for a season.  And memories and stories last forever...not to mention all that God taught me!
Aggie Phi Lamb Alums

Kasey and me...why didn't we have these letters?!?
Phi Lamb Song:
Once again, from glory to glory
You increased our faith
and we believed.
Constantly amazed, we have seen Your power.
Fall on us, O Lord,
we ask for more.

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