Thursday, April 18, 2013

April BarkBox Review

We caved after several friends told us how many fun things they get from BarkBox each month and ordered a 6 month subscription.  BarkBox mails out on the 15th of each month, and we received our box yesterday.  The dogs always help me open the mail, and today was no exception.  We ordered the box for large breed since Aggie Belle likes to play and Bailey doesn't.  I wanted toys for her and figured I can always break up large treats for Bailey.  Oh, boy, yesterday was a huge hit with the BarkBox.  (Ok, I know I'm a horrible photographer, but don't judge).

 The box looked like this from the mail box:

The goodies were neatly packaged and wrapped:

 I appreciated the card that described the items and included the websites where I can buy more products the pups like:

 This was opened immediately.  Bailey adores duck!  We now like Etta Says! products!

 This bone was quickly ripped into by Aggie.  She rolled it around and chewed for over an hour before moving on to something else.

This is another Etta Says! product of duck.  Yum!
 Licks has liquid vitamins for dogs.  Both of ours take joint vitamins daily and have no problem taking pills or chews, so I'm not sure we'll buy these, but I'm anxious to see if ours like them.  One pouch is for a 50 pound dog.

 This toy will probably last Aggie bout 20 minutes.  If it lasts longer, we'll buy more.  She is a destructive mess with her toys!

Groom Mits.  They are basically large mits to wipe down a dog.  I'm thinking these will be great at the beach or muddy days at the park. 

I can't wait for next month!  I think the dogs are happy we caved!

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Amy Powell said...

looks really fun! love seeing all the monthly subscription boxes :)

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