Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall on the Farm

The local strawberry farm decks itself out in grand style for the fall season.  We had never been out to Froberg's before, but we decided Saturday was a perfect chance to enjoy some low humidity and sunny weather.

Man Cub is at that precious age where everything is exciting and an adventure.  He was enthralled with the hay ride out to the 4 acre corn maze.  We rode through the strawberry fields that will be ripe for harvest come January.  A map of the maze was handed to us as we began our journey.  Man Cub talked and jabbered all through the maze as Daddy led the way for us.  We successfully wound through the maze without a single wrong turn-go Team Ozinga!

After the maze, Man Cub wanted to run up and down the big dirt hill and then through the tunnel under the hill.  He thought the tunnel was the best thing!  We each stood at an end, and he just went back and forth until we finally made him load back up on the hay ride to head back to the farm buildings for some games.

We raced plastic ducks using an old fashioned well pump.  It was a super cute idea, and the baby thought it was great fun.  The next booth had face painting, and while I really didn't think Man Cub would sit still long enough to get his face painted, he surprised us both.  He was so solemn the entire time the sweet gal painted his little cheek with that big pumpkin.  When she was done, he gazed in the mirror for the longest time, admiring his little orange friend.

By the time we planted a strawberry plant to take home and snapped a few pictures in the pumpkin patch, a little man I know was ready for lunch and a nap.  Froberg's was a great way to spend our morning, and we came home with 6 pumpkins and several farmer market treats for only $37!

Happy Fall, Y'all!

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