Monday, October 27, 2014

Growing Pains

Prayer warriors, you're needed:

Since Man Cub was about 36 hours old, doctors have been watching his weight.  He turned 3 months on Saturday, and until 3 weeks ago, we had to take him to the doctor every 2 weeks for weight checks.  He has slowly been gaining weight, and for awhile, he was staying in the 25th% which is perfect because he was gaining and staying on the same growth line. Everybody was happy with that for about a month.

Today, Isaac took the sweet babe in to make sure he didn't have thrush (he doesn't!), but we discovered he's only gained 6 ounces in 3 weeks.  That means he's dropped to the 10th%.  This isn't good.  Babies need to stay on the same percentile line on growth chart.  The fact that he's been bouncing down the lines isn't an ok thing at all.  At this age, he should be gaining 6-7 ounces a week, and he's only gained 6 ounces in three weeks.  The doctor isn't flipping out on us yet, thank goodness.  She hasn't mentioned formula (I had a few choice words when that was brought up by someone isn't the issue-trust me), and she thinks his eating patterns are solid for his age.  She'll see him again in a month, and I know she'll reevaluate then.  We're just befuddled.  He eats like a champ.  There is plenty of milk supply for him.  He's always been allowed to eat until he's full, not just until I'm ready to be done nursing.  When Isaac texted me at work today to tell me Man Cub had only gained 6 ounces in 3 weeks, my heart just dropped.  There's this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that something must be wrong.  Why else would a healthy, giggly, active, alert well-fed baby not be gaining weight in better increments?  Yes, I was a petite little thing as a baby, but not like this.  And I was terribly sick, and he's not. 

We have some plans in place to help him slowly eat more, but will y'all be keeping us in your prayers?  Gracious knows I'm no fan of chubby babies, but I need my little guy growing steady on that 25th% line again.  And if something is wrong with him, pray for healing and that our doctor will figure it out soon so we can address it quickly.  It's probably nothing, but I do believe our prayers will keep it at 'nothing'.  Our God is bigger than this and all my worries!  Thank you for loving our sweet family!

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The Roberts' said...

Oh Laura. I will pray. But do know that this could be COMPLETELY normal. My babies were born massive. Like, massive. & after a couple months they ended up below 10% for weight. Totally healthy, just little string beans! & now they are completely normal, around 50%. So be encouraged! Babies are not an exact science. Charts are annoying. :)

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