Saturday, October 25, 2014

Man Cub: 3 Months

Precious Child,

You are full of so much joy!  Daddy and I praise God daily for the joy that you have and that you bring to others.  You find such delight in people and end up bringing smiles and laughs to all you meet.  We pray that God will always use you and that you will always find such pleasure in being a vessel of His great love.  We love you so much!

You are becoming a sleeping champ!  On October 6th, we decided to move you to your own room.  You had begun to move around in your sleep, and the noise was keeping us up.  I think all three of us started having longer stretches of sleep once you made it to your crib.  We had to get you bumper pads last week because you kept scooting into the rails and getting your arms and legs stuck.  That would wake you up, and we'd have to come rescue you.  You will still only sleep on your tummy.  You now go to bed each night between 8-8:30, wake up once to eat around 3-3:30, and then go back to sleep til 7-7:30.  It's wonderful.  Your naps are still a bit tricky to pin point, but most days consist of two cat naps and two longer naps of 1.5-3 hours.  

You're still so scrawny, and I love it!  You're getting a few rolls, so I know you're eating enough.  The doctor finally told us we can stop coming in for weight checks about 2 weeks ago.  Thanks goodness! You're growing, just slowly.  You are so good at eating, and will nurse or take a bottle of mommy's milk without a fuss.  Daddy loves giving you a bottle, an Nanny and Dede have enjoyed giving you several this month too.  

You still love standing up!  You will stomp your feet when you're sleepy, which is about the only time you really get mad.  Your mama thinks it's hilarious because it reminds her of your mommy.  Bah.  You will now hold your own bottle...when you want to.  Daddy has caught you rolling over a few times, but of course you decided to start doing that the week Mommy went back to teaching, so I've yet to see it.  You love to kick your legs on your playmat to hit the critters hanging from it.  The Bumpo seat is a new favorite hangout of yours.  Being in the back seat alone is no longer your greatest fear which has made taking you places so much easier.  Daddy likes to carry you around in the Baby Bjorn, and you now enjoy when he does it.  You still like the church nursery, and you do well during worship sitting with Mommy.  You gave Bailey a belly rub for the first time yesterday, and you both enjoyed it.  You like to stroke your hand against something while you nurse, so Bailey is learning to take advantage of that and squeeze in under your arm while you eat. 

Bath time, baths with Mommy, puppy kisses and cuddles, being outside, music, being sung to, your swing, the Bumpo, time on your playmat, when your grandparents and great-grandparents sing and talk to you, laughing, cooing, drooling, squealing, being flown around like Super Man, being tossed in the air, the Bjorn, the sling, eating, sleeping, and grabbing anything you can reach

Being dirty, being hungry, being on your belly unless it's time to sleep, being cold after a bath

Three Month Stats:
Weight: 11 pounds, 10 ounces
Length:  22.75 inches
Eating: nursing/breast milk bottles ~3:30 am, 7:30 am, 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm, 7:30 pm
Bedtime: between 8-8:30 as much as possible
Awake: sometime between 7:00-7:30
Naps: in between nursing times, but how long you sleep depends on what we're doing.
Diapers: Size 1
Clothes: 0-3 months with a few size 3

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