Tuesday, October 28, 2014

WFMW: The Conqueror

Saying yes to standing in the gap for friends works for me....

Last Tuesday, I was nursing and rocking my babe when Kait the Great called. I knew then it wasn't good news if I was getting a phone call.  Oh, we talk plenty on the phone, but see, we'd been waiting all day to hear from Kait's son's doctor about some tests they'd run.  Secondborn, aka William the Conqueror, was hand crafted with an extra copy of his 21 chromosome (Down Syndrome).  Nearly a year ago, The Conqueror began having some health issues related to that extra chromosome, namely weight loss.  Through lots of intervention and even more prayer, he seemed well on his way to thriving and jiving into his second birthday in about 2 weeks from now.

However, at a recent appointment, blood work was done.  Will's white blood cell count had sunk deep into the basement.  After careful monitoring and more tests, it was discovered that The Conqueror had developed myelodysplastic syndrome, which is pre-leukemia. The good news is that it's about 95% curable because treatment is so aggressive.  This sweet toddler that has stolen all our hearts the last 23 months is facing 6 months of in-patient chemo. 

Y'all.  My heart just sank as my spunky best friend bravely began laying out the game plan for the next six months of their lives.  She had one week to totally reorganize her family's schedules.  And she has.  For better or worse, her hero of a hubby is holding down the fort with Firstborn while a slew of friends, neighbors, and family pitch in.  Kait and Will have just survived their first night (Tuesday) at the hospital.  And from all over, friends and family are covering them in prayer as this newest adventure begins.

And, I do see this as an adventure for them.  Oh, they desperately need a break from the health care world.  Yet, this family keeps facing each curve ball as an opportunity to share Jesus and grow in Him instead of a reason to seek pity (which they despise, by the way) or to complain.  I guarantee that by this time tomorrow, when they've been in that hospital room for barely 48 hours, Kait will know the name of every nurse and his/her whole life story, will have their room completely decorated in fun ways to keep The Conqueror distracted, and be planning a floor wide 2nd birthday party for the man of the hour.  She doesn't have it all together any more than any of us, but she has taught me to face each situation with the joy of the Lord because sometimes, that's all we can do.

There will be emotional tolls on this family in the coming months, no doubt.  It's tough to be away from one kid to care for another, ask my mom.  She and Kait could commiserate for hours over that topic.  So, we pray.  Pray that Kait and the Hero's marriage will stay strong.  Pray that Firstborn adjusts to sporadic visits from Mommy and hardly even notices a disruption in his routine.  Pray for Will that the chemo side effects will be minimal and that his immune system stays oh so strong so that he can maybe get some visits home between chemo rounds.  Will you join us?

But the financial burden is real too.  The hospital is two hours from their home, and they'd like to have as much family time as possible.  Kait has to eat while living in the hospital with her darling one.  There are some medical expenses insurance just doesn't cover.  Another friend of theirs set up a GoFundMe page to help with all of this.  This family would never ask on their own, but I'm so glad another friend has for them.  Even $5 helps and is a gift to help them enjoy the time they will get to spend together in the weeks to come.  Would you join us?  Will you click on that link and share a bit of your love with them?

You can keep up with their journey at William's Warriors.


The Roberts' said...

Oh what a cute little guy. Praying for them.

Heather Grow said...

What a sweet little guy. I have a lot of friends with extra chromosomes. They are extra special to me. I'm praying for the little guy. Also, you may want to see if there is a Ronald McDonald House nearby the hospital. I volunteer there a couple times a year and it is a huge blessing for families, especially for those with a child left behind to take care of the one in the hospital.

Nikki Cotton said...

He is just precious! Praying for this sweet family.

Lisa Loves John said...

What a sweet babe and family... Praying for them. God is going to use this little boy in such huge ways

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