Thursday, October 9, 2014

NASA Meets Pre-K

Isaac was asked by our friend Michelle to come visit her Pre-K class and share about his work at NASA.  Once I promised to help him practice, script things out, and find a book for him to read to the kiddos, he agreed.  Yay!  I'm so proud of Isaac when he's willing to do things like this because it's certainly out of his comfort zone!  Man Cub and I went for moral support, and I'm glad we did.  Isaac rocked it!  He kept the kids' attention the whole time, asking them questions about what they already knew about NASA, and they love loved the story about the space station.  He brought tools that the astronauts use in space for the kids to touch and see.  They loved that part! Isaac also talked to them about growing plants in space and the kiddos' experiences growing plants on earth.  Science with some ELA compare and contrast all in one-boom!  The man's a natural.  He also purchased NASA meatball stickers for the kids to take home as a little souvenir.  Bless the man!

I didn't realize we only ended up with 1 photo that didn't show faces, so that's all y'all get this time.  I don't know most of these kiddos and want to respect their privacy. 

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Lisa Loves John said...

Aw, this is so great!! Go Isaac!

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