Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Works For Me Wednesday: So Long, Fear

Oh Fear.  I will not give in to you, Fear.  I will not be ruled and bossed by you. You are to have no power over me!

Jesus said, "..I have come so that you may have life and have it abundantly!" ~John 10:10

Goodbye Fear.  I choose life, and I choose joy.  Others can fear disease and accidents and babies dying in their sleep.  Oh, those things happen and are not to be belittled or snuffed or treated lightly or flippantly.  They are real and painful.  But I will not allow the thought of the possibility of those events to control how I view this life I have, do you hear me Fear?  I choose to laugh, to dance, to celebrate each and every moment the Lord has blessed me with here and now.  

This isn't a flippant take on things, Fear.  You could consume me at any moment with visions all the bad that is in the world.  Truth be told, there is much to be said for giving in to you.  I won't live carelessly; that would spite you and me both.  But I will live with the full knowledge that my God is in control.  He knows the days ordained for my family and me.  He knows when He will call us Home and how He will take us.  I choose to trust my Maker.  

So long, Fear.  I will be the relaxed wife and mommy God desires for me to be.  You will not make me uptight about my husband or my child.  You will instead find us living up each moment, not worrying about the latest fads in all genres, but instead praising Jehovah for these days we're living, for this is life abundantly. And it is good.



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