Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was Isaac's flex Friday, so we made use of it by heading to Zoo Boo at the Houston Zoo.  We love our zoo membership (thanks, Mom and Dad!), and this was our first year going to Zoo Boo.  I guess in the past we'd felt a little silly to be two adults going to a kids' themed zoo event, but this year Man Cub gave us the perfect excuse to check it out.  We decked him out in his little lion cub outfit and headed into town.

It didn't take long as we wandered deeper into the zoo to find all of the fun activities for children.  They had several candy stations set up, there were carnival style games and bounce houses appropriate for preschoolers, and the decorations were superb.  Nothing was too scary, but just right for all the members of the family to enjoy the Halloween festivities. The pumpkin patch was my favorite part of Zoo Boo.  Hundreds and hundreds of tiny pumpkins were stacked in displays for photo ops.  Kids could also take their pick from them to take to a tent to paint with paint pens.  Zoo staff were on hand to help kiddos and make sure everyone knew where the hand sanitizer was for
quick clean up-well done Houston Zoo!  Man Cub 'painted' a pumpkin too.

After a visit to the elephants, our trip was cut short due to Isaac having to go in to work, but at least now we know that Zoo Boo is totally worth our time.  Next year will be even better because sweet Man Cub will be all over all of it!

My grandparents babysat Man Cub Saturday night so Isaac and I could attend the Love Worth Fighting For conference hosted by KSBJ, the local Christian radio station.  Kirk and Chelsea Cameron and Warren Barfield put together a great night of worship and focusing on aspects of marriage.  Isaac had been able to attend one of these before and said he was actually pretty disappointed this time.  In all honesty, the majority of the evening was spent hearing 'commercials' for charities, Christian universities, and Christian films.  If I'd wanted to be an ad audience, I sure wouldn't have paid as much money as we did.  Still, parts that were worship and Biblical talk on marriage were powerful.

In the same tone, Isaac and I spent much of the weekend praying over choices that we need to make soon.  Regardless of how God opens and closes doors for us, it is incredibly special to have this time in prayer each day with my husband.  To be able to share our hearts with each other without fear or intimidation of how we'll be received in the others eyes is a beautiful thing.  I'm so grateful for our daily prayer times, especially when we have big decisions to lay at the feet of the Lord.

Sunday was our normal Sunday routine of worship and teaching and music rehearsals, but I also got to teach the middle school Bible study that night.  I've never done that before, and I think I've fallen in love with it.  To just be given a set of verses and then asked to teach them any way I want was an exciting assignment.  The kids had a blast digging into what a follower of Jesus looks like and how to be mindful of not falling into the trap of hating others as we studied 1 John 2:3-11.  I had them up, moving, drawing pictures, and finally slowing down to focus on who they need to love more.  I pray they stay mindful of this in the days to come.  I also got to spend Sunday afternoon curled on the couch with my men and Downton Abbey streaming live from the UK.  Bliss!

How was your weekend?

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Lisa Loves John said...

Aww, Zoo Boo looks like it was a blast! And I bet it will only get more fun as the years go on!

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