Friday, June 15, 2012

Sky VBS at UBC

"I don't want to leave VBS!"  I heard this about 10 billion times today from my precious kindergarteners.  I almost cried.  Honest.  Most of my kids this year are members at other area churches, so I likely won't see them again.  They made my heart so full this week, and I didn't want to leave them or VBS either.  It was tempting to pout with them, but I chose to be the adult.  Am I allowed to pout now that I'm not in front of them as an example though?  ;)

At one point, I heard that 7 kids had accepted Christ this week.  That right there makes this week a success.  Add to that the 600+ kids that were loved on all week by 200+ adults and I say the week was perfect.  UBC has so many highly dedicated adults and teens who pour every ounce of all they have into each child they see for 4 hours a day during VBS.  I am beyond grateful to volunteer with such amazing, God-fearing individuals.

My favorite stories from this week:

I sent this email to our pastors on Monday night:

A friend of mine who is pregnant with twins and already has two at home texted me today during VBS to see if I could come babysit this afternoon.  The weekend had slipped past her and she realized mid-morning she was down to the last pull-up and nothing of value to fix for dinner before their church's VBS tonight.  Oops.  Of course I told her I'd grab something quick for lunch and head straight there when I was done at UBC.  Typically, I avoid McDonalds for anything more than a Diet Coke, but it was the easiest choice from church to my friend's house this afternoon.  The drive through was long, but it was too hot to care.  I placed my order, paid, and pulled up to the last window.  The sweet employee who was waiting for me with my food had obviously not had the easiest life.  The wrinkles were deep and her teeth weren't in the best of shape.  Yet, she had a huge smile on her face and exclaimed, "You had a great VBS today!"  It wasn't a question; it was a fact.  She didn't want to ask me; she already knew.  A big smile spread across my face as I responded, "We sure did!"  I thanked her for my food and drove off before I processed the fact that I had never met this sweet grandma of a lady, my seat belt was covering the words on my Crew Chief shirt, and my old UBC sticker is worn off my truck, so nothing about me gave away that I had just come from a great morning with 7 precious 'almost' 1st graders and two amazing co-leaders.  While I'm sure my friend thought I was blessing her today, her simple request for help put me on a course out of my normal routine that left me with an encounter with a gorgeous smile from my Daddy God.  Thank you all for ensuring that our church budget includes VBS and other ways that I get to love on kids during my time away from teaching school during the summers.  There are no words to express my gratitude for you allowing me to do what I get to do.

Our kids loved each rotation, but they really liked our Bible time.  They got to pretend to be Lazarus and dress up in 'mummy wrap' and come out of the tomb.  They got to have a huge party to celebrate Jesus's resurrection.  Today we roasted fish over a fire to have a fish breakfast with Jesus after a long night of fishing.  I love this idea:

This morning, sweet little Megan brought me a drawing she made last night.  It shows her in bed with a clear view of her bedroom window.  Out the window is a fierce storm with lots of lightening.  She told me that before this week, she had been afraid of thunderstorms and would cry and run to her mom.  Megan wrote on her picture "Now Not" (Not now) to indicate that now storms don't scare her because she learned this week that no matter what, she can trust God.  I fought the tears as I hugged her so tight she turned purple.  Ok, not really, but I'm sure she thought I was crazy for making such a fuss over a drawing.  But, come on!  My heart was overflowing as I silently praised my Jesus for this darling child and the ways He is revealing His truths to her very young heart.  And if Megan thinks I'm a little nuts for it, that's ok with me!

Alright, last but not least, we cannot forget the bet our youth minister Kyle made with the 5th graders.  If they totaled 100 kids by the end of the week, Kyle promised to wear a pink tutu for us.  Ha.  That'll teach a soul not to make a bet with pre-teens.  I mean, really!  They are the most competitive age group on the planet.  I should know-they'll all be in my classroom come August.  Kyle makes such a lovely ballerina. 

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