Thursday, June 28, 2012

KJOY Day 4

Today wrapped up KJOY.  It's a bitter sweet day.  Right as the kids are learning just how fun it is to serve others, we end!

After three days of loving others, we wrapped up the week with one last Bible story, The Good Samaritan out of the book of Luke.  The children love this story because they have heard it so many times.  They like to act it out and explain that everyone is a neighbor. They are right-we are to love everyone because Jesus loves us all!

We then told them we had a surprise for them.  We talked about how it's ok to do something for ourselves when we are working hard to serve Jesus first.  It's ok to do something we want to do from time to time.  Those 12 kindergarteners became so excited!  We wouldn't tell them where we were going, but that didn't stop them from guessing and guessing.

The Kemah Boardwalk has turned into a huge tourist trap, but they have a great aquarium that offers behind the scenes tours.  This was the kids' big surprise.  They loved looking at all of the fish and watching the scuba divers clean the tank before they opened for the day.  Kemah is so nice when before it opens to the public!  The best part of the morning was feeding the sting rays.  We spent 20 minutes just the 15 of us touching and feeding and squealing at all of the rays' antics.  What a hoot!  Two of them decided to play chase across the pool creating a mini tidal wave the drenched my entire front side.  I loved every second of it!  The kids thought it was crazy funny!

Our last stop was McDonalds for lunch.  It's not my favorite place, but it's the only place with a large enough playground indoors for so many kiddos. 

The best quote from today was when one of the boys said, "But Miss Laura, we don't serve others to get surprises.  We do it to love Jesus."  Amen, and may it be!

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