Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KJOY Day 3

Each day this week just keeps getting better and better!  God's hands are all over each activity we do, and I am thrilled the kindergartners are seeing our Daddy God at work.

I didn't manage to take any pictures today; so sorry!

We began our morning by passing out decorated take out boxes full of homemade trail mix to our church staff.  The kids were so excited to knock on doors and tell each staff member, "Thank you for helping our church!"  I heard from a reliable source at choir tonight that the snacks were incredibly tasty.

With three floors of staff to great and treat, we were running a little behind, so we made a mad dash to the local assisted living facility.  We went to Rosemont last year to sing and visit, but we felt we were missing something.  This year we came prepared with crafts in hand!  One can never go wrong with crafts in a room full of children and the elderly!  We spent an hour painting sun catchers and wind chimes and chatting up a storm.  Ok, the kids and the residents chatted.  Terri, Kymberlee, and I mostly were able to just listen.  I have never seen kindergarteners open up like that, but they talked a mile a minute about their families, their schools, and their sports activities.  The residents ate up the attention like a baby with a bottle of sugar water.  Oh my, what precious, precious moments God unfolded in front of my eyes this morning.  One lady went to her room to find a rose.  She gave it to one of our boys and told him to give it to his mama and make sure she knew she has such a fine son.  Be still, my heart!  Another resident gave us a tour of his apartment, to the thrill of each child.  Another man, who is a life long artist, made hilarious origami characters for us to take home.  Who was supposed to be blessing whom today?!

After lunch, we packed snack bags with water and food for the kids' parents to keep in their cars.  Our 'homeless bags' were the biggest hit from last year, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to meet a physical need in our area.  

Tomorrow is our last day, and it's a huge surprise for the kids!  Can't wait!  Lord be glorified!

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