Tuesday, June 26, 2012

KJOY Day 2

The kids were so excited to arrive for KJOY this morning.  They got right to work making door hangers for our visit tomorrow to an assisted living facility.  Before we left for today's field trip adventures, Miss Kymberlee told the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 + people with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.  The kids always love hearing that the food came from a little boy willing to share what he had for Jesus to work in mighty ways.  Amen!

Our first visit was to the local food pantry.  Huge, wide eyes took in all the food bags and supplies for families that are having difficult times in our community.  It is hard fro our kiddos to grasp the concept of not having a stocked pantry and fridge.  I think they enjoyed seeing all of their donations, especially the produce they picked, placed where families would be able to take it home on Thursday's pick up.  The biggest hit is always the trip into the walk-in freezer.  :)

Hands down, the favorite activity today was the Pasadena Fire Station #10.  I worked hard to try to take some photos of only the backs of the kids heads so I could post them.  Oh, the excitement as we pulled up to the station!  Lt. Grant gave a fabulous tour, demonstrating how their night vision cameras work, how water is pumped, and how they train.  The kids loved the huge TV and now think that firefighters mostly play Wii.  Oops.  I think they climbed through the pump truck, ladder truck, brush fire truck, both 4 wheelers, and the zodiak water craft.  Another firefighter demonstrated how their equipment works and then let each kid play dress up to their hearts' content. And of course, they got to flash the lights and blare the sirens!  The kids loved explaining what their cards said (Thank you for being a star in our community) as they thanked the fire fighters and gave them coffee mugs full of candy.  I think those guys were a bit taken back to receive 12 sweaty hugs as we departed, but they had huge smiles on theirs faces.  Success!

The kids were shocked to learn firefighters get to use 4 wheelers.

After lunch, we made goody bags of chex mix for one of tomorrow's projects.  I can't wait for tomorrow!

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