Monday, June 25, 2012

KJOY Day 1

KJOY is here!!!  My summers are always full because I don't tolerate more than a weekend's worth of down time, and without fail, I promise this will be my favorite week of my time off from teaching school.  It was last year, and this year has hit a grand slam start too.

KJOY is different from VBS or play days because it has nothing to do with the individual child and everything to do with missions.  This week is a game changer in thinking abilities for these 6 year olds.  KJOY stands for Kindergartners learning to put Jesus first, Others second, and Yourself last.  These kiddos are so used to coming to church, learning a story, having some worship time, playing on the playground, eating a snack, and going home.  Everything that is done is all for them.  We want to make sure they are happy and having fun as we feel learning happens best in a positive, energetic environment.  However, aside from safety, snack time, and lunch, KJOY is not about what the children want but about how God wants us to live.

Monday of KJOY is rough in the sense that Terri, Kymberlee, and I hear a lot of, "Is it time to eat yet?"  "Is it time for the playground?"  "It's hot; why are we outside?"  Great questions from kids who are used to having their way.  We cheerfully explain that we are doing things to serve others this week and keep on working.  They pick up on our example (kids are quick like that!) and things quiet down and everyone is happy again. Six year olds are not to young to learn the joy in doing something for someone without a reward in return.  They like it.  

Our first Bible story is always out of Mark 12 about the Greatest Commandment.  The kids know the 10 Commandments by the end of Kindergarten, and it's easy for them to comprehend that the most important thing in life is loving God.  We then spend this week teaching them to apply our love of God by loving on others.  God sees that we love Him when we love on others, and others see we love God when we love on them.  It's a great circle, and they think it's pretty cool.

Today was not so cool.  It was nearly 100 degrees by the time we went inside at noon.  We have a community garden at our church that benefits our local food pantry.  We spent a hot morning harvesting onions, limes, tomatoes, green bell peppers, green beans, and squash.  In all, we'll be bringing 46 pounds of fresh produce to the food pantry tomorrow.  So cool!  We then planted new flowers in the beds around the front walk of the church.  I think more dirt stayed in the ground than on the kids and all the worms and rolly pollies found new homes that were not inside mouths or noses. 

I can't wait for tomorrow, and if the kids' excited chatter with their mommas at pick-up time is any indication, they can't wait either!  Praise You, Jesus!

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Shelley said...

Love what KJOY does. What a difference the church can make by fostering a servant's heart in our children early on.

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