Saturday, June 23, 2012

Roller Coaster Week

There are times I wish life had fast forward buttons.  This week was one of those.  While my dad is actually completely at fault, I'm blaming Isaac.  I know, I know, the men always get blamed.

Monday night Isaac and I had gone out for dinner and to run errands.  Isaac was just mentioning how he didn't want me to leave for 5 days because he'd miss me so much.  Considering that every romantic bone in my sweet husband's body has dissipated recently, I was so tickled to hear this.  Not 30 seconds after the words left the dear man's mouth, my phone was ringing.  It was Mom telling me the doctor had just called Dad to tell him a CT Scan of his back showed a large mass in his colon.  He was scheduling a biopsy for this week, and Dad was not to leave town.  I burst into tears. 

Dad has done this twice to us before, once with a prostate cancer scare (that was legit but quickly resolved) and two years ago with a brain tumor (benign and not growing and harmless), so I honestly wasn't worried that Dad had colon cancer.  However, this meant Mom, Dad, and I were going to miss a dear family friend's gorgeous wedding in Arkansas.  It also meant I wouldn't get to play Nanny Extraordinaire to the bride's 10 week old niece (also part of this amazing family that have been friends with my parents for over 30 years now).  I've never been to the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and was incredibly excited for two days of hiking and shopping before the wedding festivities began.  The BEST part was having my parents all to myself for five whole days.  I can't remember I had their undivided attention for so much consecutive time, and I was planning all sorts of fun things in my head.  Losing that time with both Mom and Dad is truly what crushed me the most.

Ok, so my week had to be rescheduled.  I was able to register for my school district's mandatory Pre-AP training for Wednesday and Thursday so that I could attend all 4 days of KJOY (2011 Part 1 and Part 2) next week by getting it out of the way now instead of then.  The training was actually a lot of fun and led to great discussion about our district's GT program.  I'm working hard to get it up to par for next year.  I was here to put some final touches on KJOY, and I'll get to sing with Chamber Singers for tomorrow's worship service at church.  Lots of good came from me being here this week.

So, Friday around lunch rolls around.  Mom sends a text that said, "He's fine!!!"  Ok, what does that mean?  He had just been put to sleep for a biopsy, so who knew?!  Mom finally called a bit later to say that Dad didn't have a mass and certainly didn't have cancer in his colon.  Apparently his colon was in the middle of a spasm during the CT Scan, so it gave the appearance of a mass.  I was ready to kill my dad.  Here we were missing a beautiful time with friends because of a muscle spasm?!  Seriously?!?!

A bit later, I texted Mom, teasingly suggesting we drive on up and make the wedding.  She called me almost immediately to say she and Dad were already on their way up to Eureka Springs.  They were going to drive half way, spend the night, and get there in plenty of time for today's wedding.  Cue the tears once again.  I was truly crushed at this point.  They didn't want to come back until Monday so they could enjoy the area, which I completely understand, but I have to be here Monday for KJOY.  I wouldn't trade KJOY for much, but SERIOUSLY?!?!  (Cue any clip of Meredith Gray in her finer moments at this point...ha).

Ah, but there's always a silver lining because my Daddy God doesn't like His children to mope.  My sweet friend Michelle invited me to join her and the girls for lunch, shopping, and swimming today.  We had a fabulous time just being girls.  We won't get a lot of that once the twins come in the Fall (not that anyone is complaining!!), so it was a treat.  My grandparents had the dogs and me over to join them for dinner, and Isaac came home early from his guy's night because they were all tired. 

The BEST part of my Saturday not spent cuddling an adorable 10 week old darling and enjoying a gorgeous wedding was the phone call about 8:30 tonight.  It was my 10 year old nephew Alex.  He was at a friend's house, enjoying a sleep over, and wanted to talk to me.  Alex is all boy, but he has a soft spot that when rubbed just right turns him into the biggest sweetie pie.  He just wanted me, out of the blue, and I loved every second of it.  Eventually his friend started giving him a hard time, so we said we'd resume our conversation later, but what a treat!  I told my sister that if he's calling girls from sleepovers already, at least for now it's me!  His phone call wasn't quite baby cuddles and 5 days with my parents, but I'll take it.  Thanks, Lord!

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Christi Ellis said...

When stuff like that happens all I can think is " why, why, why?" it's so easy for us so get frustrated when ours plans change. I especially don't do well with change! But I know you know His plans are best and better for us so that we might glorify him. Glad you ended up having some good moments. Happy Summer!

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