Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm finally back to blogging, which means I love that we have internet after two weeks without it.  My sweet husband worked so hard to make sure everything was ready to be transferred from one residence to the other, but the internet provider royally messed up and left us in the early '90s for two weeks.  We survived, but the joke was that I had better internet service in Zambia, which was so true!

I love that before the movers had even arrived to move our things from the rental to the new house, we already had a call to see about a family friend coming to stay with us for a while.  That, my friends, is how big my God is!  We've prayed and prayed that we constantly be reminded that this house is God's, not ours.  Please feel free to hold me accountable if it begins to sound like I'm taking ownership and control of the direction of this home.  It's huge and empty and whether we're helping friends, fostering kids, or adopting kids, I just don't see it staying empty for long.  Granted, I'm the lazy girl that wants God to drop His plans in my lap and doesn't want to always go seeking for opportunities to help.  The upside to that attitude, is that I always know when something was done by God and not by me.  I think I need to find the happy balance there though.  We don't know if our family friend will be moving with us; there's a job and move from another city that would have to happen first.  However, we have two others in mind if this first one falls through.

I love yesterday's trip to Schlitterbahn.  It's such a nearby, fun water park, and it the summer crowds and extreme heat have yet to hit the island.  We received 60% off coupons, so Isaac and I spent about six hours floating and swishing down the slides.  I'm still tired today!

I love spending my days at home with these two adorable faces.  Isaac comments all the time how lost he'd be without these two, and he's right for both of us.  They are such joys.  Last night they spooned each other in bed for the first time.  We're finally seeing more sibling love than rivalry.  Yippee!
Back at the rental house: don't forget us!
Little puppy spooning the big puppy.  Ignore my husband's Ninja Turtle pjs.  Those are my fault!

What are you loving this week?

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Lauren said...

Thanks for stopping by! I do love being Aunt LaLa!

Love you blog! and your love for the Lord!

Definitely a new follower :)

Lauren @ Aunt LaLa

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