Saturday, June 30, 2012

Home Dedication

We strongly felt God leading us to dedication our new home to Him through a time of prayer with our family and friends.  We understood it might be awkward for our nearest and dearest to wander throughout our house praying over each room, but we felt even more strongly that we needed to be obedient to our Lord. 

My brother and Laura, the Whistlers, the Blankenships, the Martinents, and my second mom Donna Cox were able to join us.  Two dear friends fell under the weather at the last minute, the Tanners and the Patenaudes, but they sent such sweet notes of prayer anyway.  Darling friends all around!

We had everyone gather at our home to walk around separately, praying for each room and all that is to happen in those rooms.  Isaac and I very meticulously picked out Scripture and posted them in the entry to each room to help guide prayers as needed.  We then closed in group prayer.  Precious, precious words were spoken on our behalf to our Daddy God.  Isaac and I are truly blessed.  There was also a place to write prayers that we can keep as a reminder of this time.  These words are so special to us!

Then we headed next door to the pool/patio area for a cook out and games.  The rain quit, the clouds broke, and the breeze returned just in time to make for a perfect summer evening.  Evie and Jay, our sweet baby friends, stayed happy the whole time, and God blessed me with my baby fix a week late.  No prayer goes unanswered, ever!

Thank you, thank you to all of the dear, dear people who made tonight possible, and to all of those who wanted to come but prayed from near and far instead.  The Lord has blessed Isaac and me abundantly and then some.  Our continued prayer will forever be that this home is used for the Lord's purposes and the glory of His name.  All we have is His and deserves to be returned to Him alone. 

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