Sunday, June 10, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

**This post is about a week late.  I haven't had time to sit down and finish this until now.  Oops.

3 Year Old Princess "Lilybet" on the cover of Tim Magazine, 1929.

Queen Elizabeth is one of those enigmas who has truly stood the test of time.  Her presence has been felt the world over, and there's not a country unaffected by her 60 year reign.  My career encompasses history on a daily basis, and yet I'm consistently at a loss on how to describe a woman, a true lady, who seems to often be misunderstood.  The words to come don't do her justice and won't go into too much detail in the hopes of not boring anyone!

For most girls of the 80s and 90s, Princess Diana was a household name, idolized by millions of us.  The British Royal Family was often seen as the enemy as the paparazzi continued to hound The People's Princess, one day criticizing her, the next day praising her.  The media victimized Diana and turned Buckingham into the quintessential bad guy with Queen Elizabeth leading them to battle.

What a huge misconception.  Aren't we all human?  What I've learned through much study and course work is that the media and Europe are often at odds.  With the help of mass communication, many nations in Europe were able to topple their monarchies and push for the infant stages of democracy during the early years of the 20th century.  (Their successes, or lack there off, are best left for another post.)
Coronation Photo

And then, there's Britain.  This iconic nation has withstood the test of time, not unscathed, but standing nonetheless.  In a modern society of personal freedoms and forward thinking, a monarch seems outdated and unnecessary.  Why not have a government that refreshes itself every 4-8 years (ish)?  Don't most of us live with devices with a readily accessible 'refresh' button as it is?  However, this precious little girl who was born to never be queen has led her nation into an ever changing era with determination to overcome the ins and outs thrown at every person's life. 

Her Majesty has turned Britain from being seen as the world's most conquering power into a nation that cares about the advancement of every nation with a desire to see the past's wronsg corrected as best they can.  What a beautiful turn of events.  She created a YouTube channel to showcase the happenings of her family and tweets to her citizens.  Have a I mentioned that she's 86?  Queen Elizabeth has never granted the media an interview, but rumor has it that she knows Christ and has a strong faith.  It wouldn't surprise me to learn someday that this is truth as she truly carries herself with a peace that is typically only seen in Christians of deep conviction.  And watch this beautiful woman smile!  She smiles with her entire body!

There are always government naysayers in any nation, but Queen Elizabeth has shown how governments can be successful-not perfect-but successful.  Can you imagine the wisdom she has passed down from one prime minister to the next?  Ladies and gentleman, Winston Churchill was her mentor.  Winston!  Queen Elizabeth has provided a continuity to her nation that few countries experience.  I love America, and I cherish the gifts our nation has to offer, but what a blessing Queen Elizabeth is to Britain, and indeed the whole world.  Long live the Queen!
Official Diamond Jubilee Photo

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Lauren said...

Love this post! I've always admired her. A woman leading a country for over 60 years and going strong. Thats an accomplishment. I love that she has never given an interview, I did not know that. I think sometimes our media does more harm then good. :)

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