Thursday, June 14, 2012


It saddens me that the placement of our nation's space shuttles has caused so much controversy, but gracious knows we're all strongly opinionated about it!  Yes, Houston got gypped.  Yes, the home of the space program deserves a real shuttle.  Yet, we didn't get one.  Politicians are in control of this country, and politics rule nearly every decision made concerning government entities.  Haven't we learned this yet?

So, let's make lemonades out of life's lemons.  No, we didn't get a flown-in-space, manned shuttle.  But, Houston did get one super cool life sized replica that has a few authentic parts.  Our shuttle is currently un-named, but it's the one from the KSC Visitor Center in Florida.  Here's what so special about this one: visitors can touch it and explore through it.  Once it's set up, people can walk inside the two decks to see what the astronauts had to work with on each mission.  This is fun stuff, folks!  The other shuttles will sit in a museum with a barricade around them, untouched by the masses.  At least the one here in Houston will get to feel the love.

On June 1st, our shuttle arrived into Clear Lake via a barge.  It's not everyday that we get to see this sailing into town!  Isaac and I went to check out the festivities after I finished up the last day of school.  Max Q, the astronaut band, played for the crowd and we enjoyed seeing friends from church, work, and the astronaut corps.  The firework show over the lake and the shuttle was spectacular.  I just keep praying our government gets its act together and re-budgets for the completion of a new manned vehicle so Isaac can fly someday.  There is still so much of God's great creation to explore!

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