Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WFMW: Cookie Continents

Another teacher friend had the idea several years ago to have the students use sheet cookies to demonstrate the location of well-known physical features.  She told me about it over the summer, and I tried it this year with my students.  The kids formed groups of 3-4 kids.  Each student had to pick 3 physical features from the assigned continent, put the feature on the cookie using something edible, and then research 3 facts about the place.  They will spend lots of time this year learning details about the landforms and how people live on or near the landforms, but this was a super fun way to learn some basics.  The kids had to get creative finding edible, tasty items that at least somewhat represented the landforms they researched.  I'd liked watching them get creative in their work.  We had a different continent get presented a day, and I spread them out over a few weeks so we weren't getting sick of cookies or on constant sugar highs.  I only did this with my GT classes, but I might try it with my regular classes next year.  Obviously, some of the kids did better than others, but for the most part, the continents are all recognizable!






North America:

South America:

Cookie Continents work for my classroom!

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