Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Sheninagans

Sami's Shenanigans

Happy Monday!

Our weekend was one adventure after another.  We loaded up the fur crew Friday after school to head to my parents' for the weekend. They live just a bit closer to where Isaac and I would be making for scuba dives to finalize our certification, so it was nice to make their house home base for the weekend.  Plus, my fur niece was with my parents all weekend too, so the dogs had a friend.

Friday night after dinner, we watched the 20/20 special about Malala.  It was beautiful.  I couldn't help but comment on how much Malala could do if she knew Jesus.  Don't you see His fingerprints already all over her story too?  Did you watch this as well?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Early Saturday morning we headed out to Mammoth Lake, a dive park, to start our two dives of the day.  Thankfully this is something we had paid for way back in September before the furlough looked imminent.  I've been grateful for the distraction for Isaac the past two weeks, and it's given us something fun to talk about together.  The sun was out when we started and made us nice and toasty.  Going from there to 77 degree water was a bit tough, but we survived with just a few shivers.  On the first dive, we mostly stayed on a training platform to prove to our instructor that we could do all of our skills-mask clearing, finding our 2nd stage (mouth piece) if it came out, that we knew how to descend properly, those kinds of things.  On the second dive, we swam over to a C-130 airplane that they had sunk for divers to explore.  Honestly, we didn't get to see much because the lake is turning right now.  Visibility was normally about 5 feet.  Yuck.

Saturday night was all about trying not to have a heart attack while watch the Aggie/Ole Miss game.  David and Laura were there, so the other 6 of us were gathered at Mom and Dad's to watch puppies and football.  I finally focused on the dogs and playing fetch with them-it was way less stressful and they are just so gosh darn cute.  Aggie Belle never sat still for a picture, but Layla and Bailey made sure we all knew they love their Mama best.  Laura, it looks like you and I have been replaced!  Oh, and Bailey was 'puppy-napped' by his great-grandparents all weekend, except for during the football game.  While at their house, he ruled the roost and was apparently given cheerios, scrabbled egg, and who knows what else for his meals.  Rotten dog.  :)
Look at those sweeties-they own their mama!
Sunday was another early day to get back out to the lake.  It rained the whole morning yesterday.  Our first dive was to show the we new how to use the compass and navigate underwater.  Seriously?  Asking the geography teacher to do that?  Ha!  Hey, if I can use a compass to get back to where I need to be in 5 feet visibility, doing this for real in the Caribbean *should be* a piece of cake! When we came up for our surface interval between the two dives, a sheet of rain was covering half the lake.  We watched it move closer and closer to us.  It was annoying but beautiful at the same time.  For the 2nd dive, we swam the width of the lake to see the C-130, a motorcycle, a pirate ship, and a mammoth tusk.  Apparently the lake really does have decent visibility most of the year, but I didn't see much.  Regardless, Isaac and I are officially certified divers.  I can't wait for Turnefee Atoll in on New Year's Day!! 

Last night, on top of our regular rehearsals at church, we were able to share again about our work with ACE in Zambia at the Missions Celebration.  Afterward, we found out that Isaac's plane ticket to the ACE board meeting is going to be paid in full, so he gets to come!!  We were holding off on his ticket due to the furlough, but somebody see how's Jesus is using us to work and wants to make sure Isaac is there.  Zambians and Americans had been praying since Saturday night about this, and God moved quickly.  It's so exciting to be found faithful by the Lord and to see Him working to make His plans happen.  And, the doors flew wide open for me to continue seeking God about a mini-trip this summer to focus on teacher training.  Pray for me and with me, will you?

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