Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Favorites

This week has flown! 

The weather was perfect.  Cool mornings, warm afternoons for walks with the dogs after work.  The cowboy boots have made several appearances, much to the delight of my feet and my 6th graders. 

My favorite project Isaac did was painting our dining room

The advisory classes at work are having a pumpkin decorating contest.  My favorite idea for a no-carve pumpkin is this:
 My favorite evening was last night.  Three of the dearest women I know and I met up for 3 hours of food, fellowship, and spurring each other on in the things of the Lord.  We never manage to take pictures together, and we've got to change that pronto!  But these three ladies know how to get me in line with Jesus like nobody's business.  I'm grateful for friends who will call me out, who are consistently growing daily in Jesus, and who love me no matter what.  It's returned to them, too!  

Favorite verse:

Favorite Aggie find:

Linking up with Jennie today!

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