Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans
We had so much fun this weekend!  It was a stressful week due to the government 'slimdown', so to be able to laugh and play as much as we did was such a blessing!

Friday we went straight from work to my parents where Aggie Belle and Bailey got to play with their little cousin Layla.  Mom made dinner, my grandparents came over, and we had fun watching the dogs wrastle. 

The fun really started when David and Laura came to pick up Layla. David decided he needed to clean out his closet at our parents' and pulled out boxes and boxes of old family photos.  We found the cutest pics from when he and I were little bitty.  After some oohing and ahhing, we found pictures from one of my parents' dive trips to Roatan, Honduras with their best friends.  Mom and Dad began diving with Carl and Patti long before kids were ever even thought of.  We've seen tons of pictures from their trips, but none of them have surfaced in a while.  Well, David found these, and we about died laughing from the 1992 hair and clothes.  Carl was wearing pleated jeans in one, and Mom was wearing a fanny pack.

Then we found this little treasure and about lost it:
Mom and Patti
Clearly Mom and Patti were meant to be the pin-up girls in Top Gun, and what's her face that no one ever remembers was only the fill-in for them.  I mean, really!  Hot 90s mess!  Patti had no problem pointing out to her daughter Bethany and me that our clothes and hair will come back to haunt us some day too.  Homecoming '01 already did, but we won't go there.  Thanks, David for unearthing that horror.  :)  

Saturday was for the grandpuppies to show their grandparents and great-grandparents how much fun they have at the beach.  Somehow we've managed to never take them with us on a beach trip.  Oops.  Bailey played in the surf and overall just thrilled to have his family with him.  He also kept all birds far, far away from our little stretch of beach.  Aggie Belle put on quite the show with her swimming and ball chasing.  
Aggie Belle and my dad

That night Mom fed us again, and we watched what is now our least favorite Tyler Perry movie.  Peeples just wasn't that funny.  Oh well-it was a free rental, so no money lost.  

Today was full blown worship.  My bell choir, choir, and Chamber Singers were all apart of the service this morning.  These days are fun, but it feels like a circus, so I really have to work to be able to make sure I worship instead of just put on a show.  I love the challenge, and I met the challenge today.  Our teenagers are just so funny.  One of them mentioned A&M's defense needing to pick it up during prayer request time.  I was proud of him for not asking for a win, but just asking that the defense gets its act together.  Sweet kids!

Coolish night have finally arrived in southeast Texas!  Let the boot wearing begin!

What did you do this weekend?

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