Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: San Antonio

Sami's Shenanigans

My weekend began on Wednesday after work when my friend Emily and I left on a road trip to San Antonio.  Emily teachers 6th grade language arts at another school in our district, and she was on the team with me that wrote the new GT curriculum back in the Spring.  Our social studies coordinator asked the two of us to go to the TSSSA (Texas Social Studies Supervisors' Association) conference to present the curriculum.  First of all, any time teachers get a change for a business trip, we jump on it!  Second, I love San Antonio.  Third, I adore Emily; she's a hoot!  Fourth, I'm proud of what we wrote, and I am super excited about opportunities to share it with other teachers.  All of that combined made for a great two days away.  Emily and I received phenomenal feedback from our presentation, and it looks like we'll be taking it to TMSA in January.  Woohoo!  We also squeezed in time to tour the Alamo, explore the fancy Menger Hotel where we stayed, and cruise down the River Walk.  Fun!


Saturday morning was back to the real world when I met up with two friends to write priority standards for our curriculum.  The writing part isn't really fun, but the being with friends part is!  I am so blessed to have a district full of amazing teachers!

While I yelled off my head at the Aggie football team (ie, screamed at the TV), Isaac was replacing the ridge caps on our garage roof.  I'm not particularly thrilled at the idea of him walking around on the roof, but when the ridge caps look like this on the left:
and they should look like the one on the right, it's time for action.  The shingles don't look bad, but the corners were just plum worn out.  Now it looks like this:

We spent the evening at the park with the dogs.  We played too hard to remember to take any pictures, but Aggie Belle was such a sweaty, hot, lake water mess that she put herself in the tub the second we returned home.  Apparently fun was had, but the girl knows when she's dirty!

Sunday was a rainy, perfect day of worship.  We played hard with our crazy middle schoolers last night and then watched 8 people who have accepted Christ as Savior be baptized.  Beautiful.

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