Saturday, October 19, 2013

Jam Night

I've sung in choral settings for most of my life.  There are few sounds that fill me up and overwhelm me like a well blended choir in 8 parts with a full symphony.  I love getting to be a part of that each week at our church. I'm not sure there's anything that could convince me that this isn't the way I personally worship best.  There are so many talented choral composers, modern and from decades and centuries past, whose lyrics and music help me approach the throne of God in real ways. 

However, I enjoy more modern styles of music too.  Worship bands defined youth group worship when I was a teen, and I enjoyed the music immensely.  As an adult, there simply aren't as many opportunities for me to worship with a band leading the experience since I'm in the choir and Isaac plays violin.  Again, I don't want to change that.  Our choir and orchestra are beautiful and work hard to bring glory to God in music.  Our chamber choral group is special and incredibly talented.  There's a part of me that misses worship bands from time to time though.

A few of my friends are in our worship band at UBC.  Once a month, the band hosts Jam Night for musicians to learn new songs and just jam.  One of my friends asked me to go on Thursday because she was afraid there might not be any female vocalists in attendance.  I was in the middle of score keeping my school's volleyball game and was about to approach working a 12 hour day.  My gut instinct was to say no.  As I started thinking about it, I decided I needed to go. 

I'm so glad I went.  Another friend in the band, Jessica, was there, and she encouraged and taught me the whole time.   Band singing is so different from choral singing, and I have a lot to learn.  It was a treat to be able to sing songs I love with no one judging or caring about mistakes because all anyone cared about was making music and worshiping the one true God.  Beautiful.  They asked me to come again next month, and I hope I can!  Even if I don't sing next time, it'll be a special to just listen. 

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