Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dining Room Paint Job!

Isaac has plenty of time on his hands right now, so he has been a busy bee doing things around house.  He's cleaned a ton, caught up on yard work, organized the garage, and thanks to Mom chipping in for paint, updated our dining room!

When we moved in 17 months ago, we knew there was no way we were keeping the dining room colors as they were.  The previous owner had painted a rusty ketchup color below the chair rail and a honey mustard shade above the chair rail.  I'm sure they thought it was beautiful, but the colors just weren't for us, nor did they match anything else in the house.  We don't own a dining room table yet, so painting the dining room was on the bottom of our update list for awhile.  I'm so glad Mom bought the paint we had picked out ages ago, because the difference it makes in the feel of our downstairs has been huge in just 24 hours.  It feels like ours now.  I don't know how paint does that, but it is so true!  Isaac did a fabulous job, and I just wish the pictures indicated that.  Come on over to see it in person-we love company!


And excuse my lame attempt at panoramic pics on my phone.  Still learning that one...

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