Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bailey!

I can't believe I brought my little man home 7 years ago today.  Best guess from the vets is that he's 9 year old now.  Don't anyone tell me a pet is 'just an animal'.  Bailey has brought more love, joy, and scares into this family than I could have ever imagined.

Bailey decided that Aggie Belle could NOT give him night-night kisses last night and snipped her lip.  Since I'm attending TMSA in Galveston the rest of this week, and since our conference today doesn't begin until 1:00, the three of us spent until 8:00 this morning cuddling in the big bed to offer apologies from last night.  Growling tummies finally forced out of bed, but then we went on a leisurely birthday walk for the birthday boy.  Now that Aggie Belle has a harness that she likes and is over a year old, I can walk both dogs all by my big girl self, and it's a wonderful thing!  It's a warm, misty day in Houston, but we didn't care.  We've had so much rain lately that the ground is lush and green again.

On our way to the creek, we found the tiniest red-eared slider I'd ever seen.  He was just a bit bigger than a quarter.  Bailey sniffed Mr. Turtle; Aggie Belle licked Mr. Turtle.  Mr. Turtle quickly ducked into his pint-sized shell and just barely let me see his little eyes.  I scooped him up and we marched down to Turtle Bridge, so named because it cross the creek and all the turtles congregate there each evening.  One or two turtles were down there already, so I set Mr. Turtle on the edge of the grassy bank.  Hopefully he survives.

The rest of our walk was spent thanking God for the green grass, the mist, and the flowers.  On our way home, we spied the first of the bluebonnets already blooming on our street.  Woohoo!

For dinner, Bailey got to watch a whole pan of scrambled eggs cook.  I even let him lick the spoon.  Eh, it's his birthday; he's allowed!  He and Aggie Belle enjoyed their special dinner, and we all had extra fun play time tonight.  We love you, Sweet Boy!

I love Aggie Belle's nose in this photo.

Yum, yum!

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