Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I adore my family.  Today is my Dede's (granddad, mom's dad) 75th birthday!  Since weeknight's are insane to coordinate with the 8 of us, we went to brunch at Brennan's on Saturday.  This man has lead our family through so much with grace and faith that few can match.  Dede made sure I attended plenty of International Mission Board conferences to help spur my passion for world cultures and reaching the whole world with Christ's love.  I love you, Dede.  Happy birthday!

We're horrible about taking family photos, but here are Dede and Nanny with Dede's birthday plate of pralines at Brennan's.

I'm also loving the brunch at Brennan's.  YUM!  I haven't been to Brennan's since December '03.  That's absurd.  If you haven't been since the fire during Hurricane Ike, go!  Yes, it's still pricey, but it's so beautiful, and the food is even better than I remember.  We didn't eat ourselves sick in celebration of the life of this fabulous man, but we sure ate bunches!  Brennan's isn't the kind of place to pull out the camera before starting each course, but I promise my strawberry spinach salad, Louisiana blue crab scrambled eggs with caviar, and white chocolate bread pudding were melt in my mouth, borderline sinfully delicious!

Starbucks and I have a love hate relationship.  I hate how people get addicted to them and spend hundreds of dollars there.  However, I love that they are fair trade and that as a teacher, parents think all teachers love coffee (I don't) and give their kids' teachers large sums of SB giftcards throughout the school year.  Isaac and I choose to make sure we never spend our own money at SB, but we sure don't mind spending my giftcards.  My favorite treat is unsweetened green tea lemonade.  Now that we're having warmer weather again, I'm very much enjoying picking up my treat before I begin my grocery shopping.  So refreshing!

What are YOU loving?

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Desi said...

That sure would be great to get tons of Starbucks gift cards! I hate spending my own money there lol. But there was news that they are putting bug shells in their drinks now though. Guess it's "natural" :) Stopped by from WILW!

Amy Powell said...

I love Starbucks... but, yeah, its pricey. I always tell my family to just get me gift cards to Starbucks when they buy me a gift. It always gets used :)

Happy Wednesday!

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