Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family Vacation Part 3: Decker Creek Bed, Breakfast, and Biscuit

Today's plan had been to leave the dogs and go horseback riding, but after another amazing breakfast from Pat (pancakes, sausage, and eggs), all four of us were too tired to go out.

We had a lazy morning, enjoying the breeze and clouds before taking a 2 hour tromp through the back 30 acres of the property.  This included scaling across a fallen tree to cross the swollen creek.  Bailey had no problem getting over, but Aggie Belle couldn't maneuver the huge branches still sticking straight up the trunk.  She managed to swim across just fine though.  :)  The property is fenced, so we never had to fear getting lost, but there were a few branches, mud pits, and fire ants that kept us on our toes.  I don't think the pups minded one bit.  They blazed the trail several times.  Bailey even went swimming...again!  These two are so adventurous!  I love getting to go hiking with them-and then crashing into a relaxing nap with them too!
Splashing in the creek.

Trail blazzing

Deciding if they want to jump in.

This is where Aggie Belle had to turn back on the old tree.  She couldn't get over those two branches.  Swimming is a great alternative!

Part of our trail this afternoon.
This evening Isaac and I got the creek mud washed off and headed into Downtown Manor to the weekly farmers' market.  Manor is home to about 5,000, so the farmers' market is equally small, but the selection was fabulous!  I'm now wishing I had more than one cooler so I could have bought meat and eggs to take home tomorrow.  I had to settle  for a bunch of the sweetest carrots I've ever tasted, a jar of apple butter, some strawberry preserves, and a bag of homemade noodles.  I can't wait to taste it all!  For dinner, we headed to the Good Luck Grill...super tasty food and awesome decor!

I don't think anyone wants to go home tomorrow!

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