Thursday, March 15, 2012

Family Vacation Day 4: Texas A&M University

After one last fabulous breakfast courtesy of Pat (fruit, sausage, eggs, and french toast), we sadly packed up the cabin and headed east to College Station.  We decided it was high time Aggie Belle be properly introduced to her namesake.  See, Bailey is a true Aggie Dog, having been born, raised, and rescued from the Brazos Valley area.  Aggie Belle isn't as blessed, but her names is a weak attempt to make up for her lack of maroon roots.

I love the drive down Highway 21; this time of year it's especially pretty with fields and fields of horses, cattle, and wildflowers.  The pups slept the whole way down the road, but they were ready to jump out when we pulled up to the Bush Library.

The field in front of the Bush Library is typically full of bluebonnets this time of year, and this year was no disappointment.  Aggie Belle channeled her inner Barbara Bush and posed in the blue abyss with a strand of pearls (totally fake, from the dollar aisle at Target).  She is just stunning-all of her grey against the blue and green of the field.  And yes, pearls quite become her!  Bailey is an old bluebonnet posing pro by now, and was quite well behaved.

After a successful, if not horribly windy, photo shoot, we headed to our beloved Research Park in West Campus for a stroll.  Bailey and I spent hours and hours in the two and half years we were together at A&M.  It certainly seemed that Bailey remembered right where he was, even though we hadn't been for a visit since September of '08.  Aggie Belle loved Research Park too.  We really do need to make a point of getting up there more often.

Before heading home, we made a pitstop at Blue Baker so I could get my Blue Baker fix...yum!!  I'm starting to think this week was more about food than the dogs!  We ate as we drove home, and now we're all crashed into a heap on the couch, trying to recover from our 'relaxing vacation'.  Honestly, this has been one fabulous trip, but we did run ourselves ragged.  I sure hope we make it back this fall to visit our new friends!

Tips if you visit Decker Creek:
~Bring a plastic sack to pack up dirty/wet clothes.
~Plan on taking one or two outfits to be mud clothes for the week.  There is no sense in getting all that's packed muddy!
~Small dogs need to bring a their life vests from home.  There are vests for larger dogs provided.
~Don't worry about packing towels, blankets, shampoo, bowls, or crates for the pups. They are all provided.
~Check the local events in Austin; if something big is going on, don't even think about heading into the city.  Oh, my, I'm so glad we didn't try with SXSW happening this week.
~Eat dinner at the local places recommended by Pat and Byron...yum!
~Breakfast is HUGE, and I'm always hungry, but we never ate lunch a single day we were there.
~Don't go if you don't like mud, dirt, or sweat. I happen to not mind those three and I ADORE vacations where t-shirts, ponytails, and mascara are the wardrobe choice of the day.  :)

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