Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NewlyWed Game

This is such a fun post idea!  Linking up with Megan and Taylor.

1) What do you think my best quality is?

My answer: You are BEYOND talented!  There is nothing you can't do!  Carpentry, Electric Wiring, Plumbing, Cake Decorating, Car Mechanic, Sewing, Painting Space-Walk Tool Making...all of it!

Husband's answer: Dedication to people you love.

2) What would be your ideal date with me?

My answer: Hiking or kayaking or a play/symphony concert

Husband's answer: Having dinner at the top of a tall lighthouse and watching the sun set.

3) What was your first impression of me?

My answer: You were way too quiet!

Husband's answer: Sweet, fun, flirty, outgoing.

4) What is your favorite memory of us?

My answer: Attending the STS-119 launch.

Husband's answer: Our honeymoon in Costa Rica.

5) What do you see for us in the future?

My answer: Way more dogs than kids, visiting Zambia annually, and you being in the astronaut corps.

Husband's answer: Homeowners, debt free, starting a family, loving each other more than ever.
Costa Rica, August '09


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

Thanks for linking up!

Christi said...

fun! I especially like the last question/answer. How he is focused on the logistics (like a good husband) and you're mind goes to loving others. Yall are a great pair =)

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