Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Rescuers...Gone Texan???

So, we're not in Australia, but we sure seem to rescue a lot of pups here in Texas. I don't know what it is, but Isaac and I seem to attract all of the escapee canines in our neighborhood.  Maybe it's us, maybe it's our house, but they sure seem to find us.  I think in 2 1/2 years, we've reunited at least 7 dogs to their owners.  It's a precious feeling, but I sure wish folks took better care of their pets.

The only time it's frustrating to rescue these sweet pups is when puppy parents don't get collars with tags on their babies.  Please folks, this is oh so important!  One time, Isaac had to drive a dog 20 minutes to a vet to get the microchip read because it had the random kind that most vets don't use anymore, so our vet couldn't get any info off of it.  Turns out the dog lived two streets away, but how were we supposed to know?!

Tonight was a fun rescue, if not a bit chaotic.  We were talking a leisurely stroll when it started to rain.  We picked up our pace, and out of the bushes came three dogs, running right at us.  My momma-bear instinct is to scoop up Bailey and hold him tight when strange dogs head our way.  I know, I know, he's a street dog himself and can handle it, but I don't let him.  Lord help us if we ever have 2 legged children.  Anyway, Aggie Belle doesn't care if dogs are growling and snarling, she still wants to play.  Goosey-loosey!  Thankfully, these three were all very friendly.  I told them to go home, but they just followed us home.  Sheesh.  We got into the garage, out of the rain, to assess our new friends.  We had one boxer, one pit mix puppy, and one corgi/dachshund/something else mix, all three boys.  Each darling guy had a collar, but only one had tags.  I am so thankful they were all good buddies and made sure to stick together so we could get all three returned home.  The rain stopped, so we moved tot he backyard and let Aggie Belle romp and play while we waited on their daddy to come get them.  He happened to be on his way home from out of town, and somehow the dog sitter must have let them out.  Oops.  They were so glad to see their dad when he came home!

Aggie Belle enjoying her new friends.  Gotta love the way dogs greet.  Ha.
While Aggie Belle very much enjoyed meeting her new friends, I would've much preferred to have her meet them in the park.  Folks, dogs do get out, despite your best intentions, so please, keep current tags on them!

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