Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet Friends

I have been surrounded by friends this weekend.  I'm exhausted at the moment from going, going going, but my soul is oh so full! 

Thursday my friend Danielle stopped by my classroom.  She was my ESL aide last year, and I miss having her with me each and every day.  Danielle now has her own Kindergarten classroom, but no one will ever quite have the touch she does with my ESL kiddos.  We had seen each other since Thanksgiving, and we just can't stay apart that long again. 

Friday Isaac finally introduced me to coworkers of his from NASA whom he's been hogging for 3 whole years!  I told him that this is worse than my dad keeping Fuddruckers a secret from us for the first year we lived in Houston.  The Padillas are such a sweet Christian couple, and Isaac was so smart becoming friends with them.  They invited us to their house for dinner on Friday, and we stayed well over four hours to eat, watch basketball, and play Settler of Catan.  We cannot wait to get together with them again.  We all have a thing for being outside and eating good food, so I think this will be a beautiful friendship!

Saturday was epically fun, and I typically don't use 'epic'!  My family gathered for my granddad's 75th birthday celebration (more to come), and then sweet Michelle and I went shopping.  The Tanners just found out that they are having babies 3 AND 4 in October, so we had lots to discuss as we shopped for new shoes for Miss Megan.  It was a treat to see my dear friend looking happy and healthy, if not a bit freak out still.  This is going to be such an adventure!

I hadn't been home from shopping for more than 5 minutes when one of my childhood best friends called to say she was in town and invite me out to Chick-fil-A with her mom and her 13 month old.  I hadn't seen Carrie in almost 5 years, which is ridiculously too long!  I had yet to meet Miss Rebecca, who is an absolute doll!  It was beyond blissful to sit with Carrie, Rebecca, and Carrie's mom Melanie to catch up on our families and talk about when we were little girls.  Carrie actually comes to town fairly often for work, so we're hoping to get all of our families together very soon.  It's surreal to see old friends with their own children; I remember us being little girls playing house with our baby dolls like it was just last week.
Rebecca, Carrie, and me

I have a terrible habit of holing myself up at home and not seeking out fellowship with my friends.  God has certainly shown me this weekend how much I unknowingly crave time with my friends.  I am certainly going to start making a point to check in with the dear ladies in my life much more often.  Life is busy, but phone calls and emails just don't cut it!

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