Monday, March 12, 2012

Family Vacation Part 1: Decker Creek Bed, Breakfast, and Biscuit

We have traveled to Manor, TX to have a much needed, relaxing vacation at Decker Creek Bed, Breakfast, and Biscuit.  This place is smack in the middle of rolling, green, Texas hill country, and they cater to the dogs!  Our cabin is outfitted with everything the pups need, and everything we need too!

Last week was awfully rainy, so the water is still a bit high in places near the creek bed, but we had a phenomenal time exploring this afternoon.  There are bluebonnets in blume here, and we saw tons and tons of wildflowers on the drive up here.  Our canine hosts, Beau, Razor, and Shiva (a rescue from Bahrain!), helped show Bailey and Aggie Belle all the ropes of the 50 acres they have to explore the next few days.  All of the dogs enjoyed munching the wild onion.  Aggie Belle is now a creek swimming pro!  And, there are lots of broken branches and sticks lying around for Aggie Belle to enjoy.  What a treat!

Bailey just-a running!


Swimming away!

There is a reason why Byron and Pat had outdoor showers with hot and cold water in the backyard of the two cabins here: lots and lots of muddy puppies!  Both of our babies decided it would be oh so much fun to roll and roll in mushy, squishy mud pits.  Lovely!  Hey, we're on vacation, and I wasn't about to stop them from having fun! 
Bailey's muddy back.

And the front.
We grilled steaks for dinner tonight...yummy charcoal flavor.  Then we made s'mores, and now we're watching the season finale of Bachelor.  I DESPISE this show, but some how, some way, my so not into trash TV husband got into this season, so I'm appeasing him since it's the finale.  I think he just can't fathom how any guy can be so shallow.  Girls, he gets, but a guy, not so much.  Ha. The jokes the past three weeks have been endless!  We'll have to have some serious confession and repentence after tonight.  Then, no more TV this week! 

What are you doing for Spring Break?

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